11 responses to “Buying Goldfish”

  1. Hey dp
    you kept that bugger quiet. Please dont tell me u gonna fatten em up and fry em for xmas dinner ahah Only jokin just incase any Greenpeace readers.

  2. DP,

    Those fish are the lucky one’s to be taken home as family “PETS” as most that size get “MASHED” into some kind of fish paste in the Philippines and eaten.


  3. hi, like this one. where did you find the aquarium pet vendor? and any advice for starter. my first aquarium ready to be delivered next week is a 50-70 gallon in size. I would like some help on the type of fish i could put for breeding and for “pet” purposes. Thanks. Nice shots here also.

  4. hi good day…where can we buy variety of fish in cebu city?Coz i’m planning to buy some…thanks a lot…

  5. I’ve seen this person before , in fact I buy fish from him.
    He sells in the Mini Forest Near the Old Ormoc City Hall!

  6. uhm where does the fish vendor live?does he have goldfishes too?

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