Crispy pig nose


How about some crispy pig nose?

Filipino food

The Philippines is not famous for it’s food but some unlikely stuff tastes pretty good.

Chicken intestines are wound back and forth on a skewer and grilled to perfection. It kind of looks like a nightcrawler on a fishhook but the stuff is not bad.

Balut is another favorite. I never developed a fondness for these duck egg embryos but these people are nuts for them.

angeles_029.jpg They are supposed to have an aphrodesiac effect but with the filipina girl being such a delight to the senses it doesn’t seem that any help would be needed.

Burger machines are found in all the big cities. They make a decent enough hamburger but the pleasure is in sitting there watching the world go by.

The Philippine people are a vibrant lot partying late into the night so vendors set along the sidewalks everywhere keeping them fed.

angeles_022.jpgEven bakeries and vegetable stands are open late because so many people shop at night to escape the mid day heat.

Lechon manok and baboy (chicken and pork) are available everywhere too.

They chop it up beyond recognition and put it in a plastic bag with a few tubes of sauce for take away.


Jan 27, 2007

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