Happy snake man in Cebu

man with pythonThis happy snake man was performing on the streets of Cebu last night.

I have just arrived a few days ago to get my visa at the immigration office in Mandaue City and enjoy walking around the city at night in the cool of the evening.

There is always something going on and the nights will get busier and busier as it get closer to Christmas!

beautiful pythonLook at the colors of this beauty!

Some will question the wisdom of keeping a pet snake but this one appears to be well taken care of.

I have seen quite a few snakes in the wilds of the Philippines and find most of these pythons to be aggressive. This one is very passive and the colors are so clean and crisp! Captive pythons usually have dull faded skin and seem lethargic but this was an exceptionally good looking snake ha ha!

man standing on head with pythonLikely some readers are going to find this page repulsive but this site is not for “normal” people anyway !

hotel in CebuThe vendor was set up near this Crown Regency Hotel – cool… beautiful colors 2!

python with vendorI am staying at the Pacific Pensionne just down the street and just had to go back and get my Kodak !

picture from my hotel windowI took this picture from my hotel window this morning. The kids were singing Bayang Magiliw in the school yard below. Kind of a cool way to greet the morning!

Colon CebuColon Cebu at night.

grilled fishGrilled fish.

Colon Cebu

dutchpickle logoGreat to be back in the Philippines again!

street performer with python in Cebu Python on streets of Cebu

man with snake

dutchpickle logopython in Cebu





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10 responses to “Happy snake man in Cebu”

  1. Wow DP that is quite a snake, your a brave guy being so close.

    Nice to read your back home again, see you have changed pension houses, upgraded.

    Love to catch up when your about, we should be back in Ormoc later in December, spent quite a long time there in October, trapped by the typhoon.

    How is the TMX?

    best regards


  2. Nice to hear DP glad all is well with you. yes Honda is pretty much indestructible although you did your best to show otherwise.

    I am out in Siquijor this time but back in Cebu tomorrow tomorrow, text me once your there, same number. Luv to catch up again.

  3. DP thanks for the reply, sorry been a while. First great to read your trustworthy stead is once again serving you well. They say a Honda never dies.

    The new Big Roy in Ormoc should be worth a visit, went there quite a few times couple of months ago, good food at a reasonable price. met the owner Big Roy, wonderful guy.

    Just out of hospital due to a smallish operation and will be out of action for a while, maybe couple of weeks. Need rest and care….Getting older takes longer to recover.

    What are your Xmas plans DP?

    Lyn was texting needing help, seems the latest typhoon left his TTR partly or fully under water, he should of left it at Kiwi but insisted leaving it at his wifes place in Dumaguete. Very low laying area…Sad to say unable to help and if I try my GF will confiscate my cell as no stress allowed this time….

    Just now on line as she is shopping.

    Take care my friend.


  4. Yeh DP heard pretty bad down there. Still bit crook, rode to Alaya today and made it ok, good start. How long you here in Cebu maybe we get together for a meal at out place.

    Get stitiches out Thursady so hope be box birds soon after. Guess you be posstsing some pics onDumaguete soon.

  5. hey dutch, im glad that your back. ive been lurking here ever since i stumbled here in your site. i just want you to know that i was so inspired with your blog here that i went motorcycling right after new year 2012 going to malaybalay from davao city with my Suzuk Shogun . i could have went all the way to CDO but ive got flight to catch the next day in DC airport. im normally a chronic worrier which prevented me from taking road trips the longest but your adventures has inspired me so much. hey can you post the latest pic of your tmx? im planning of getting the same MC. if ever that happens im going to soften the suspension and swap it with excellent road tires – ive heard that tmx vibrates like steam rollers but i think push-rod engines are workhorse from engineering perspective. keep the rubber side down dude..


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