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  1. You’ve been busy DP. Interesting route to Palawan.

    I’m looking forward to your Balabac write up


  2. Hiya dp,
    good reading and sounds like a great adventure. Love the shot of the bike being hoisted. Why were u not hanging on to it in miss air like they do in th efilms heheheh. would look very mach as they say heheh. suprised as the amount of mud still about too. any spills ? or did u manage to keep the old girl uprite. U da man.
    chat soon mate. Bw Dave
    p.s the girls visited the other night . gee man they can talk. bla bla bla bla.

  3. Giday dp

    Great read! Would love to do that Palawan trip. Have done the Iloilo trip and around Panay. Will catch up with you May ’10 and get some pointers from you.

    Meantime been bashing my 4wd to death mega-off road on the West Coast of NZ’s South Island. Real rough tracks and serious angle slopes covered in tree roots, boulders and streams. Loved it…. just the cost of all the mechanical repairs to consider….!!



  4. Hello DP! Looks like you have been getting around OK!
    Say, I need some info on departure from Zambo to Sandakan. I know the Weesam Express runs that route. I just need to get some details from you, my friend! Shoot me an e-mail when you get time, and it will be much appreciated. I will explain a bit more in the mailer. Thanks, and take care. (I misplaced your e-mail address…)


  5. Hello. Myself and a mate ( both Brits) are thinking of taking the trip outlined below April next year. I would appreciate any advise or info that you might offer. The Islands I was thinking of are: Manila ride down to Batangas, ferry to Mindoro, ferry to Panay, ferry to Negros, ferry to Cebu, ferry to Bohol, ferry to Mindanao ride down to Davao. Head north to Leyfe island then Samar then back to Luzon mainland to Naga then return to Manila. About 14 to 21 days.
    I am thinking of renting basic Honda XR 200 from Nice-bikes in Angeles?? bit small but for easy roro and lifting not to mention repair at any point along the way?

    Our last trip was Singapore Malaysia Thailand check it out on our web site

    Cheers from Colin

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