Malay Giant Scorpion

Malay Giant ScorpionMalay Giant Scorpion

You can feel the heft of these scorpions when they walk across the palm of your hand.

They seem to be non aggressive and are not capable of striking downwards anyway. It actually tickles when they crawl up your arm.

Malay Giant ScorpionMalay Giant Scorpion – beautiful gentle giants

beautiful scorpionThese scorpions were raised at the butterfly garden south of Puerto Princesa. They used to have only one but now they have a dozen or so in the fish tank by the door. I didn’t hesitate when she asked if I wanted to hold one.

big scorpion

malay scorpionSo cool! These scorpions might be more common in Malaysia but in the Philippines they are only found in Palawan and in the island chain south of Zamboanga City (Sulu – Tawi Tawi).

They come out at night to feed – primarily on cockroaches and crickets.

The butterfly garden is about 8 kilometers south of Puerto Princesa on the road to Arborlan. The entrance fee is 50 pesos.

If you continue another 4 kilometers south or so you will come to the Irawan Crocodile Farm.

More scorpions

aquarium with scorpionsAquarium with scorpions.

butterfly gardens

Malay Giant Scorpion

Nov 30, 2010

4 responses to “Malay Giant Scorpion”

  1. My son got fascinated by those creatures when I showed him your photos. But as for me, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole!

  2. Dutch,

    Please: Does the visa extension Express Lane fee ensure faster service? (I’m on the 9a visa, renewable every 59 days.) One service representative told me that everybody has to pay it and it makes no difference to the speed of the service.



  3. I saw this scorpion during tao philippines trip in northern part of palawan. I almost step on it when I was walking a path in the Middle of the night.

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