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  1. So that’s replecement for a bike number3??? Anyway im doing motor driving licence. Did I mention Kasia is in Timor? She’ll be happy to meet you

  2. Hi DP and great recent up dates.

    I have had some experience with the registering motor cycles. If you tell the smoke emission testers at your new address that you wish to have the papers forwarded to them they will do so. Took me about 15 minutes as they did via e mail. Same goes for the LTO, had absolutely no problem at all.

    Brought two bikes in Cebu and now relicence them in Siquijor without a problem.

    Yes when traveling I always have at least 2 copies of the OR as one never knows when one is stopped for checking. We just completed a 2500km trip here and were stopped just one time. Also I carry a copy of my license.

    Keep up the good work and happy trip.

  3. great site but do you have any info on a foreigner buying a new bike, what doc’s are needed and how long does it take to get the numberplate and reg docs

  4. Hi ive a motor cycle which i havent renewed for licensing for two years how do i go about gettting it done?
    i was told i cant drive it to get an emissions test or to lto to get insurance since ive not renewed the bike.
    how do i get it renewed????
    Thanks ..text number 09214146960

  5. Gday all.
    Im a paraplegic from Australia, been in phils, Cebu & dumgte now for 14month.
    Going to live full time with my gfriend in Siargao Island – Cloud 9.
    I am looking at buying 2nd hand Honda xr200 & using another same swingarm, rear wheel, disc brake setup & put a sidecar on it. Question: If I just buy the bike registered can I then just fit the sidecar to it OR does it need TRIKE or SIDECAR Registration…Its for my private use on the sandy roads mainly on Siargao Island & going onto Bohol, Dumgte & CEBU … thx

  6. Check your O.R., Your motorcycle is registered as a motorcycle w/o sidecar. You can change the registration motorcycle w/sidecar. You have to take it to the LTO. They may require you to have it inspected. Fill out the “change body design” form and pay the fees.

  7. ask ko lang… if i am shedule for registration on the second week of the month and i wasn’t able to do so, am i considered “expired registration”? nbigyan kc ako ng violation, expired registration. supposively for second week but on the third week of the said month na-tikitan ako ng expired registration. did i violate? please guide me accordingly with thsi matter… tnx

  8. So If i ship a used $6000-$20,000 750-1100 CC Harley into Cebu from Canada is all I have to do is the above few items at such low cost?

    Could the only paperwork from Canada be a proof of ownership via a sales receipt?

    Isn’t there tax?

  9. i jaz want to ask how much it would cost to register a motorcycle for 14 years?!

  10. I have to change the denomination of my tricycle to with sidecar so I have to go to Region3 (Paniqui Tarlac to change its denomination as requested by the Municipality that I transferred. Its my late husband tricycle but I’m the one using it now (I cannot used it single its too heavy). Do I have to bring the motor vehicle? How much money will I spend to changed it to with sidecar? Can I transfer it to LTO main at Quezon City? Its too far to go to Tarlac always and I’m not familiar there coz we bought it at Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija. Pls help me regarding this matter.

  11. hi importing a quad 500 cc from china,what charges can i expect and how i can regester this vehicle in Surigao Del sur .?

  12. Hi…

    My boyfriend has a motorcycle and it was registered in Cebu. We brought the motorcycle to Nueva Ecija. The problem is the registration of the motorcycle is due and we need to renew it. Can I renew it by myself even without my boyfriend? I have all the documents in my hand.


  14. just want to ask if 40cc scooters need to be registered? seller told us that it doesnt have to be since it is below 50cc. tnx.

  15. I’m Just curious, when do we need to register a motorcycle? do we need to register it even if the plate number is still temporary? or , we just register it if you are given the official plate number?

    thanks..im just curious…so that i could not have penalty..i’ve just bought a new motorcycle..

  16. Mahigit na pong isang taon na ako naghihintay ng plaka ng motorsiklo ko. Hanggang ngayon wala pa rin ang hinihintay ko.Sabi ng supplier ko, wala pa po. Tingin ko nagpapalusot lang sila. Gaano po ba katagal ang pagkuha? Mayroon pa silang sinasabing VIRTUAL PLATE. Matagal na expired ang Certificate of Registration ko at nag aalala akong ma sita ng TORO at magmulta pa. Sabi nila lumabas na raw ang plaka ko pero isinauli nila dahil MC ang naka lagay at hindi TC. Hindi po ba talagang MC ang linalabas talaga at ako na ang mag papa TC sa LTO? tulong po.

  17. Hello! I’m planning to travel to Philippines as a tourist and buy a, preferably used, motorcycle for 3 months motorcycle trip around the major islands. I plan to buy ASAP after landing and sell it before I go back to Sweden after 4 months. But, there are a few things that I have been unable to understand:

    1, LTO webpage state that I need “Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)” but I don’t know if that is possible or required for a Tourist? Would a ACR-I help (as I’m then “registered” by the authorities)?

    2, Can one buy the ACR-I directly, i.e. not waiting 30 days for when I will apply for Visa (after the 59 Visa waiver period)? I anyway need the ACR-I after 59 days.

    3, Can/Should I request that the PNP TMG Clearance is done prior to signing of deed of sale? I mean this is the check that the motorcycle is ok to transfer.

    4, I have seen some motorcycles sold with “open deed”, does that mean that they are not the registered owner and I can’t transfer the ownership to me?

    Any information on above question, or the the whole buying/selling/paperwork of motorcycle would be very appreciated.

    Ulf Granar (Sweden)

  18. Hello, thank you so much for your all input.

    Some background, last year I did try to rent in Angeles to do a tour around Luzon, but despite making reservations (and getting Email confirmation) nice-bike.com had rented out the bikes, that was very disappointing. I tried other shops in Angeles but the quality of the bikes was to bad to take on month tour so I decided to travel by bus instead.
    This together with my 3 month drive in Vietnam and Laos with a purchased motorbike and having your own bike excludes all the hassle if the bike get a scratch along the way. All this pointed to owning a bike in Philippines :-)
    But I was not prepared for the difficult paperwork… In Vietnam there where basically no paperwork, and police is very honest and friendly.

    I agree on big cities (First drive out from Saigon was interesting…), and in general I either skip the big cities or find a hotel with parking and leave it there for duration of the visit.

  19. Last time I extended my Visa in Angeles, that was very quick and easy with helpful and professional immigration officers, Visa seems not a problem as long as you pay and adhere to the rules.

    I will arrive in Manila, but I can basically travel anywhere to buy and register the bike, not important where the tour starts.

    Intended tour is Manila, Coron, Palawan, Panay, Cebu, Bohol, and depending on time either drive back via Leyte and Luzon or take a RoRo back to Manila (transfer of ownership must be done at the same LTO office).

    Since I anyway have the airplane ticket I will make an effort to buy a motorcycle and have the ownership transfer, I’m well aware of the potential problems so I think I will visit the LTO office before purchase to confirm that I as a tourist can have ownership of a motorcycle.
    If I can’t make it happen I just travel the same route, but now like everybody else and rent locally.

    I try and make a short report of my success, or lack thereof, in a couple of weeks.

    Again thanks for all the good information.
    /Ulf Granar

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