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  1. Hi DP

    I note your motorcycle seat modifications with great interest! Very well done, congrats! The foreign “lubot” is not as hard as the indigenous version and with those hard springs… my God!

    When we bought our bikes in Cebu we took the seats off. I bought them back here to NZ and had 100mm of seat foam added with a new outer covering. Huge difference, although it still takes a couple of days riding before my butt “hardens up”.

    I can comment on the Honda 200XR, I bought a new one in Dumaguete and sold it after a year.

    Good points: Great front brake, excellent electrics, good suspension, can lay a 1L water bottle behind headlight fairing, tolerates high temp and low octane fuel well, Honda dealers are everywhere.

    Bad points: Overweight pig of a thing, badly chosen 1st/2nd gear ratios, too tall, high C of G and difficult to handle in some circumstances. Overall not really ideal for long distance work.

    Habble habble drivers. You make a very true point here. Both my brother and I are not inexperienced riders, and can maintain a reasonable clip on some pretty ordinary surfaces. One day we were riding around northern Biliran Is on a road that resembled a mountain riverbed. We thought we were going pretty good until a habble-habble shot past us… fully loaded with grinning locals, and vanished into the distance. We never saw him again.

    One of the things that makes motorcycle travel in the Philippines so appealing.



  2. Hi DP

    Yes, I am familiar with the twin-spring setup commonly seen on bikes in the Philippines. Very unsuited to just a single rider but very necessary for the amazing loads that are carried on bikes. My mind sometimes turns to the loading on the rear wheel bearings…. and the deep respect we can feel for the quality assurance engineers at NTN Japan…

    Your rice bag technique sounds interesting. I usually have a carry bag attached to the tank with rubber ties. As you say, the bike handles better.

    I don’t often carry passengers, especially on trips. I have a partner that I take on day trips (around Siquijor or local day rides out of Dumaguete) but when Bruce and I do our big trips I don’t want the extra weight and responsibility.



  3. Hi DP

    Amazing!! These guys are masters of the art of overloading! Congrats on getting the pics, I know how difficult it can be getting such shots.

    Admire your approach to lodging, we tend to stick to pensions, cheap hotels etc although we have stayed in some pretty interesting barangys. We stayed in a nice place when we rode around Panay and did the trip over to Boracay. Got to Boracay around 4pm. Stayed one night and left at 6am on the first boat! Not our scene….



  4. i miss philippines and i love maguindanao

  5. i miss philippines because i am 2 years here qatar

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