Philippine Roro Ferry

Philippine RORO ferryPhilippine RORO ferry

I just completed my 100th boat crossing with my motorcycle and decided to put up a few pointers about using the ferry to transport vehicles between the islands here in the Philippines.

RORO is an acronym for roll on – roll off , meaning that you self drive your vehicle on and off the ferry – usually up a ramp at the stern or back of the boat.

roro ferry

I am just going to explain the basic procedure and am not even going to try to get into listing all the ro-ro options available between the islands in the Philippines. The schedules change and the research involved would be more than I care to to spend my time on. If any readers have a favorite route with basic info – feel free to add it in the comment section below.

Ceres bus on Maayo Shipping landing craftCeres Bus using the Maayo Shipping connection between Negros Island and Cebu in the above pic. This port is privately owned so you just buy your ticket which will have all fees included in one set fare.

Cebu container Port

Most RORO ferries operate from public piers under the jurisdiction of the Philippine Port Authority so you will have to pay the PPA fee and possibly a terminal fee for passengers.

Roble Ferry Cebu

Take several photocopies of your vehicle registration along if you plan to be traveling between the islands using a RORO. First get your “Bill of Lading” from the shipping company and purchase passenger tickets if they are not included.

roro ferry

Then proceed to the Port Authority window and pay the PPA fee. If a passenger terminal fee is required get that in advance too. If you are in Cebu you might have to do your paper work at a different pier than the one you are departing from which can be confusing. Lite Shipping issues the bill of lading at pier 1 but their RORO ferry from Cebu to Ormoc departs from pier 4.

roro ferry

Always keep the receipts for the port fees because you will need a “gate pass” or at least a guards ok before you can exit from the port that you just arrived. In some cases you will also have to pay a fee at that end too. Sometimes there is a lipse checker (cargo inspector) that will have to stamp your paperwork too.

Trans Asia roro ferryThe Trans Asia RORO is a good choice for the Cebu to Masbate run.

Cokaliong FerryCokaliong Ferry RORO – note the loading ramp at the stern.

Mactan Bridge


Maayo Shipping – RORO between Negros and Cebu Islands

Bato Leyte to Ubay Bohol – RORO  from Leyte to Bohol

Lite Shipping from Cebu to Leyte – RORO from Cebu to Ormoc

Roble Shipping Samar to Cebu – this is not a RORO but they take motorbikes and I was able to drive up the gangplank

Possibly the most heavily traveled connection is the RORO between Matnog on Luzon and Allen on Samar. This run takes about an hour and is part of the Philippine National Highway.

Star Shipping Allen to Matnog

Island Hopping to Balabac

Milagrosa J Shipping Palawan

Atienza Shipping Coron to Manila

St Nicholas Shipping El Nido Palawan

Ozasis to Mukas RORO

The possibilities for exploring the small islands by motorbike are endless if you travel on the pump boats.

Dalapuri Island

boats and ferries in the Philippines

RORO ferry system

Nov 17, 2010

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  1. This is a nice site. I hope you can also give informations on ALL ro-ro schedules. I’m actually interested to get info on Bicol-Masbate-Biliran route. Thanks you very much. GOD BLESS you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. Is the RORO applicable to shipment of personal stuff/items/appliances for relocation to Manila?

  3. may byahe po bah sa may 17 2012…manila to iloilo?

  4. How much po ba ang rate pag nag pa Roro ng container van? The contents of the container van are appliances and a wooden table. Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

  5. anyone know the documents needed to board a car on the roro do you need police clearance documents for the vehicle leaving from Batangas City, by ferry to Calapan
    thank you

  6. meron ba roro manila to busuanga?? or any connecting trip sa busaunga. magkano ang freight if mag sasakay kme ng tankertruck 12meters po ang haba… nid it a.s.a.p thank you

  7. Hello,
    Thanks for the useful info you have posted. My questions;
    1. Is there a ro-ro service from Bohol to Cagayan de Oro?
    2. Is there service from Palawan to Mindoro?


  8. is there a ro-ro service from manila/batangas to bacolod city?

  9. how much is the fare now from iloilo to batangas city is it the same as before or increases?

  10. hi. this is a great site. i am planning on bringing my car to travel from matnog -cebu-dumaguete-iloilo and back in matnog. would appreciate directions on best routing to get to three cities cebu, dumaguete and iloilo from bicol coz i need to drop by there fo family matters. it is my first time to try the roro. thank you for your help.

  11. is there a direct roro trip from dumaguete to cdo?

  12. thank you very much,,this is good insight,,i am planning to go from manila to kidapawan soon,,this helps alot.tyvm,,now,,if i can just find a good road map,,,lol

  13. well,i was lucky enough to have a garmin gps and bought the asian maps of south east asia,i have tested it on vans while riding from kidapawan to davao,so it does work here.

  14. What roro boat and schedule and rate from Batangas to Calapan to Roxas city Capiz, Thank you

  15. planning to bring my motorcycle on a MANILA-CEBU roro trip. how much? how many days? which harbor and what shipping company would best take care of me and my bike.
    if you can reply to my email, it’d be much appreciated.

  16. Hi,

    I’m trying to figure out the best way to get from Legazpi to Dumaguete by roro. Any opinion on whether to go via Masbate or Calbayog on Samar, or somewhere else, to Cebu then on to Dumaguete? At this stage it will be without transport, but will be a dry run for bringing my bike back from Dumaguete. I’m struggling to see how to make the connections, so any web links folks have found to shipping company timetables would be appreciated or personal experience.


  17. Kelan po ba start ang byahe KUDAT, malaysia- BROOKES POINT? Magkno po ang pamasahe?
    Salamt po! More power!

  18. Sir
    Mag Inquire lang po magkano po bayad kung magpapadala po kami ng izusu elf trak sa cagayan de oro

    Need asap

  19. hi tanong kolang sna kng miron bang roro na frm manila diritso na ng iloilo?at mag kano kya ang rate ng motorcycle 125cc sa roro pg dinala ko sa iloilo?thanks!!!

  20. hi tanong ko lng meron ba kayong roro from cagayan to magkano ang rate pagmag landtrip ako dala ko ang car.isakay ko roro may kasama hiace commuter.

  21. Dec. 15, 2012

    Bakit walang Roro sa pagitan ng Infanta, Quezon to Port of J. Panganiban, Camarines Norte? Di ba mababawasan ang trapiko sa Maharlika Highway, na bukod sa mahaba na, ay paliko-liko pa kung magkakaroon ng roro sa nasabing lugar?
    Paki forward ng tanong sa itaas to government concern, particularly the Philippine Porth Authority.
    Casper V. Inocalla


  23. hanggang kailan po ung beyahe ng roro kc poh mg papa reserv sana ako nitong december 29 or 28.

  24. my byahe po ba ng roro from manila going to bacolod ., and how much ?

  25. Hi sir, ask ko lang po if which route to take from manila to bohol were planing take a van to go there? And also any idea how much is the fare for each individual ? Thank you so much.

  26. can i ask from you the contact number of RORO office that travels from bato leyte to ubay bohol? thank you…

  27. it’s my first time going to Puerto Princesa:may I need your assistance regarding my itinerary coz’ we are planning to bring our car from CDO going to Palawan,What is the best route?and what shipping company we are going to book?Thanks..

  28. sir naka daan na ba kayo dun sa matnog-allen route??? hindi ba kailangan na original ang papers ( OR & CR ) na dala mo… ok lang kahit xerox?
    kasi nasira yung orig na CR ng motor ko sir eh…. TIA

  29. hi sir happy sunday…

    we are planning to go to iligan city this 4th day of April… from our home at fort bonifacio we are planning to travel by land with SUV and will take the slex to matnog, then matnog pier to allen, then allen to liloan. after that liloan to lipata, surigao and last lipata to iligan city..

    sir is that route is safe and secure? this is my first time to travel with this long trip… i hope i can here from you a positive tips and advice….

  30. may biyahe po bang roro manila to cebu? and how much? tsaka san address ng roro? thanks po.

  31. my byahe po ba from batangas port to CDO?mga mgkano ung pmasahe kng gagamit ako ng kia carnival at ilang days bgo ako mkakarating?

  32. Tanong lang po, paano po makarating ng bohol from CDO kung mag ro ro, anong rota po ba meron sir?

    Ty very much

  33. Hello, may I ask how to get to Cebu via Bohol from Matnog, Sorsogon, the shortest possible time. Thanks. – Jay

  34. good day po! sir, ano po ang best way shortest safest and cheapest route from manila to mindanao by car kasi balak namin dadaan muna ng panay island bago ddiretso sa any point to mindanao. thanks po. God bless.

  35. thanks dp. we wud like to go to cagayan de oro via panay island . can you please give me a link which have details of fare charge.
    God bless.

  36. hi do you know if I can get directly from Puerto galera to samar.thanks

  37. hi sir. i am from cebu city. i am planning to go to manila bringing my car. what is the best route that you can suggest?

  38. hi..we are planning to move from dumaguete to palawan and bring our stuff and take our motorbike..any advice you can give on what is the best approach? hope to hear from you soon..thanks

  39. sir,,

    best way from bicol to bacolod city negros occidental…

  40. Planning to travel with my van to Sultan Kudarat, coming from Manila what’s the best routes (including roro ports) that is safe would you recommend?

  41. Hi Dutch!, How much to send one skygo 125 sg 110 smaller to medium size motorcycle from cebu to ormoc or to tacloban?

    thanks, ric , pls text me info if possible,, i can send you some lode after

    our destination is tacloban

  42. hello there is there any ferry roro to davao via batangas or manila. i need to get my suv here by driving it on board then me flying down to meet it at the other end is there any ferry services like that here regards steve

  43. ask ko lang po kung meron kayo manila to surigao SUV toyota revo isasakay ko magkano price nya.thanks

  44. hi DP,

    ask ko lang what company can you recommend if i want to bring may car from manila to palawan. Ill be staying for a few months kasi dun kaya dalin ko ride ko.

    easy A

  45. hello we are planning to go to bacolod for a reunion using our 115cc bike all the way from legaspi city.what’s the possible way to get there. thanks

  46. do you have any idea sir / madam, that how much i could be spend if i travel using my big bike from manila to cebu using batangas, mindoro, panay island, negros island and cebu or manila port direct to cebu port which lesser of time and expenses. please send your reply in my email accnt
    .. ty

  47. hi

    kung for registration pa lang po ung motor basta kumpleto ung papers possible pa din naman po maisakay ng roro un wala naman magiging problem? any idea kung magkano bayad ng motor pag sinakay ng roro batangas pier to puerto galera? thanks in advance :)

  48. Please inform us if it is possible to bring a Van from Legaspi City to Dumaguete City, and how much? thanks

  49. im planning to go to Bicol with my motorbike, from CDO to Cebu, Cebu-Masbate, Masbate – Pilar (sorsogon) how much kaya ang payment sa motor ko from CDO to Cebu. etc, can you plaes give me some ideas, pointers…thanks in advance.

  50. Hi, Im planning to travel by land this coming June, I noted the ferry from Matnog to allen, I would like to ask what Roro ferry should I take from Liloan going to Surigao as well could you advise condition of the roads from Allen to liloan if ok and passable.


  51. how much it will cost nung elf na truck going to caticlan?

    thank you

  52. Good day to you sir,

    Im planning to travel at tacloban from baguio, may i know if how many hour do i have to travel from manila to matnog port? Thanks

  53. Tnx a lot sir, it helped a lot :) my starting point will be at las pinas at 4am, so most probably we will be at matnog port around 4-5pm? hows the road condition sir? Thank you

  54. Thanks for the article and all of the comments sections as well. It is very informative to this guy from Oklahoma, USA that fell in love with a beautiful woman from General Santos. We are married and enjoy traveling through out the Philippines.
    What is the best route to go from GenSan to Palawan with our car because we are taking several family members with us?
    What is the best route to go from GenSan to Boracay with our car?

  55. hi,,gud day,,im coming from manila plan to vacation home to butuan city ..i love to bring my sedan car..can u give me easy and safety suggestion?tnx

  56. Good Day Sir!
    This post is really interesting and helpful.
    We are planning to go on a roadtrip to Bohol (from Manila), do you have any advice on the road we should take? I’ve searched in different sites and these ways were the ones I discovered:
    First, going from Manila to Matnog and riding a ferry or Ro-Ro to Samar then Leyte then another ferry to Bohol
    The other one is from Manila to Matnog and riding a ferry to Masbate then another ferry going to Cebu then another one going to Bohol
    Or if there are other convenient ways other than this please do tell :)
    Thank you and I’m hoping for your kind response!

  57. Good Day
    what is the documents need to bring when you board a 2nd hand car? meron po roro from manila to bacolod? kindly give me a feedback thanks

  58. I am moving to Davao from Talibon, Bohol with small Mits. Lancer and want to take ro-ro ferry from Cebu to Davao. I have been searching the web for awhile without much luck. Someone from Davao even suggested ferry to Gen Santos. What do you suggest avoiding long driving?

  59. Hello dutchpickle,

    I need to bring a car from Manila to Palawan in two weeks. I checked Superferry, they are fully booked until March.

    Would you know if there are any other options?

    Thank you so much!

  60. Hi,

    magpapatulong po sana ako kung paano makakabiyahe from iloilo to davao. may dala po kameng van na may lamang mga gamit at appliances sa bahay. saan po ba pwede magtanong pag ipakarga ang sasakyan sa roro? any web link or personal experience would be appreciated.,.thank you:)

  61. Need help, my family are going to Bohol this April and gonna bring our Van. What is the most convenient trip route and Roro schedule from the two connecting sea trips Matnog – Allen and Bato-Ubay. Please help me out here, I will be bringing my grandchildren to this trip. Thank you so much!

  62. Hello… my family and i are planning to go to bohol via the bato port using our toyota innova. I would like to ask if you know the roro schedule as we will still be travelling from tacloban city and how much is the fee for the said vehicle. Thank you po in advance and God bless. Your answer will be greatly appreciated.

  63. For a car transporting from Manila to Iligan City (CDO) by roro…
    How much and what is the best route or any shipping roro contacts..
    Kindly advise.

    Pls. help!

  64. Hi!

    I would like to transfer my car from Manila to CDO by roro.

    Any idea?

  65. Hi!

    We are planning to do a Manila – Mindanao trip. Just would like to ask if which route would better, via batangas or the via matnog route?

    Thank you.

  66. I would like to ask if you are catering transfer of 4 wheeled truck from Batangas Port to Cebu or any nearest port.

    Please provides me the rates, schedules and duration of travel.

    Truck Details are as follows:
    Body Dimension: 14ft x 6ft x 18in
    Weight: 2000kg/17.060CBM

  67. Hi,

    Anyone knows how much to ship Multucab 4×2 from Manila to CDO or Manila to Ozamiz.

    Thanks a lot

  68. Hello.. Im planning to get my motorbike from davao to manila. Any suggestions on jow to do it. Is there a roro from cdo to batanggas or anywhere in luzon? Thanks.

  69. i need to bring my honda fit from cotabato to sorsogon.. how much it cost all in all.. what is the route?

  70. i need to bring my honda fit from cotabato to sorsogon how much it cost all in all? any idea..? what route i should take?

  71. Planning a trip from Bacolod to Calbayog. My question is…. are there any RORO between Cebu and Calbayog? Taking my private car from Bacolod for the whole trip.
    Looking at this website…. but no info about cars and RORO’s.

  72. I need to bring my owner type jeep from Manila to Ozamiz how much it will cost?
    Thanks !

  73. Need Help…….cheapest, easiest, safest way RORO to Manila from Cebu with my SUV? Am planing to bring my SUV to Manila from Cebu 2nd week of dec. Thanks

  74. Hi dutchpickle,

    We wish to travel from Davao to Cebu by land using private vehicle (Innova). What would be the cheapest way to go? How much would be the ferry fare for passengers and the vehicle? Please advice

  75. Hi, I hope you could help me with my concern. I’m planning to ship my motorcycle from Laguna to Siargao. May I know the procedure or options how to do it? I actually prefer to fly getting to siargao, but what about my motorcycle? Thank you so much.

  76. hello Sir dutchpickle,
    Kumuha kami ng unit sa Toyota Calamba tsaka plan namin dalhin ang unit sa Cagayan de Oro,
    so nagsearch ako mas mabuti sa batangas na ako dumeretso at dun sumakay ng roro, Tanong ko lang po ano pinakamabilis at pinakamurang way papuntang CDO via Batangas Port. Please Help.
    Thanks in advance.

  77. Good afternoon po, ask ko lang po how much from manila to cebu ska from manila to bohol po may dadalhin po kming sasakyan?

  78. may byahe po bang batangas-mindoro-coron-palawan(elnido or puerto princesa)

  79. good day po. may ikakarga po kaming forwarder truck going to palawan. manggagaling po ang truck sa batnagas. may byahe po bang batangas – mindoro – coron – palawan (elnido or puerto princesa)? at magkano po?

  80. Hi,

    I need to travel my Car from Cebu to Batangas this December 2016. I have no idea how to do that. Can anybody please advice.

    If anybody can also provide me on documentation for the trip & cost. That would be a great help.

    Thanks and God Bless.


  81. Hello there! I’m so glad I found your page! My friend and I are planning to take a Honda Zoomer to Coron via 2go, but since it’s our first time, we’re kind of lost with what to do. I know that we need copies of the OR/CR, then we were told to get a stamp from the coastguard? I have no idea how to accomplish that. Also, and I’m assuming it was included in case we didn’t have a license plate yet, we were told we needed a permit to travel? The site on 2go says we need to bring it in 2 days before, but when we called their office, we were told we could ride in on the same day of our trip. Just earlier. Would really appreciate any input. Thank you!

  82. Hi,

    I saw your post just today and I have been planning all along on my Visayas trip via roro/boat. If its okay to ask, can you suggest me some of the jump off’s? I am from Cebu, looking at the map I am planning a trip from Cebu – Samar – Sorsogon – Masbate – Iloilo – Negros if this is possible. I would be very much happy if you can give me some tips as this will be my first time.

    Thank you and God Bless!
    Ruby Rachel Mendoza

  83. How to go to butuan from manila if im using my own car so that i could bring along my small dog with me? Where is the nearest roro service in manila? How many hours would it take for us to go to butuan?

  84. Hi dutchpickle,

    May I ask, what do i do if i want to use my service vehicle for my cabling project in CDO? I am coming from Manila and i have to bring some materials and put in my service car together with my personnel and then return after 3 weeks.

    Do you know or can suggest any ferry or shipping lines? How much does it cost? What should i do?

  85. Hello everyone, I am planning to travel from Dapitan City to Batangas port. Any idea po sa mga lugar kung saang pier sasakay pra sa RORO.


  86. Good day DutchPickle,

    Planning to go to Palawan with our Car. Seems that there is no direct route from Batangas to Puerto Princessa or is there one?

    If not, will it be possible to drive all the way to Iloilo via the Nautical Highway and connect from Iloilo to Puerto Princessa? What is the name of the Ro-ro company? Where in Iloilo is the pier located?


  87. Dear Sir,

    I am a HK visitor who will visit Cebu this year.

    My question is how much is the ticketfrom Oslob,Cebu to Siquijor?

    Is it one-way or double ticket? How can I get some discount?


    Bruce Wang

  88. I would like to inquire how much would be the roro fare, i have a sedan, going to negros islands or dumaguete. Thank you

  89. HI dutchpickle!

    I’m planning a ride from Makati to Kalibo.
    Ano-ano po kaya ang mga kailangang dalhing papers bukod sa OR at CR ng Motor ko? BTW, Di pa kasi sya fully paid kaya ang nakapangalan sa Certificate of registration ko ay FutureTrust Finance Corp at hindi yung name ko mismo.

    Also I’ve been looking for a fare matrix ng Montenegro Shipping kaso wala akong makita. Baka po may idea kayo.

    Thanks and more power!

  90. Hi,
    Plan to drive my car from Legaspi-Sorsogon-Masbate-Iloilo, passable ba ito by RORO?, or any other way to get to iloilo from Legaspi by RORO with car.


  91. Hi

    I’m planning to go to guiuan eastern samar from Puerto princesa with my car. What would be the best route? This my first time to drive a very long trip. Is the iloilo – cebu – ormoc the best route. Tiya

  92. Ask for fare from matnog to allen suv type vehicle

  93. Hi Dutchpickle, how are you? I have a question in regards to shipping my personal stuff from Cebu to Dumaguete. I have read people’s comments and your responses on them and there was also a comment of a woman also asking about shipping her personal stuff. I was thinking of shipping just my personal belongings(cargo shipment Cebu to Dumaguete) while I ride on a different ferry but since RoRo offers ride of cargo and passenger, I might just do that. Question Is if there a trip from Cebu to Dumaguete. What pier number in Cebu are they located? Would it be advisable if I just call their number and ask these questions? Your help and comments will be greatly appreciated … thank you, sir!

  94. Hai sir
    I have a question
    I m planning to take my bike from iligan city to manila
    Do u have any ideas sir ?

    Thank u sir

  95. Any advise guys. Im planning to take my bike cawayan masbate to hagnaya port . Do you have any ideas sir?

  96. estimated travel time from matnog to guiuan samar?

  97. Hi Sir/Mam,

    Magkanu po kaya ang roro from cotabato to manila?
    thanks po.




  99. Ask lang po if there’s ro-ro service from guiuan, samar to butuan or cagayan de oro and vice versa. Thank you

  100. Follow up question po, baka po may mai suggest kayo na ro-ro route na pwd namin sakyan if plan po nmin mag punta ng butuan from eastern samar and back. Thank you again and mor power

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