Philippines random pics

Random pictures taken last week in the Philippines.

Philippine carabao

Philippine Carabao

Carabao in field on the way to Nueva Vista in the mountains of Leyte.

sugar cane

Kid chewing on sugar cane

Sugar cane

fishing boats

fishing boats

Fishing boats  stored on a river in Cebu.DSCN1770

Nipa palm used in the making of roofs.DSCN1488

Hauling bamboo poles with a motorcycle and side car in Zambaonga del Norte province.DSCN1481

long load – bamboo poles

highway sign

highway sign

House on the side of the highway with garden.

bamboo home

bamboo home

Nice garden! DSCN1558

Kid with dog.

kid with dog

kid with dog

roadside Mindanao

fish trap

fish trap

Fish traps near Mukas.



above – side trip to Marawi in Lanao del Sur – this area has not really developed into a tourist trap but it is rather beautiful – however politically unstable at times. below – Port of Ozamis in Zamboanga del Norte

port of Ozamis

port of Ozamis in Zamboanga del Norte

port of Ozamis in Mindanao as seen arriving from Mukas – I did 5 boat crossings on that trip – Leyte, Mindanao, Negros, and Cebu and back to Leyte. The Philippines is a group of  over 7,000 islands so getting around by boat is necessary in many cases.



Looking at the sunset from the hammock behind the cabin in the mountains in Leyte

Ormoc waterfront

Ormoc waterfront

…back at the waterfront in Ormoc City – the city pier below.  IMG_7324

2GO Fast Ferry – This ferry makes several trips per day between Cebu City, Cebu  and Ormoc City, Leyte

2GO Fast Ferry

2GO Fast Ferry

Two kids at the Ormoc Farms pineapple fields.

pineapple farm

pineapple farm in the mountains

Ormoc Farms

Pineapple farm

Ormoc Farm – pineapples

Pineapple getting started.

pineapple getting started

New pineapple starting to grow

Pineapple getting big !

Growing Pineapple

Growing Pineapple

Moi Moi the monkey.

Philippine macaque monkey

Philippine macaque monkey eating a lansone

Philippine macaque monkey eating lansones.

monkey with lansones

Moi Moi

Bamboo fence and yellow flowers.


flowers by the fence

Check out the gripping ridges on the bottom gecko’s feet – so very cool !

gecko foot

gecko foot

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Mar 14, 2013

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