Super Cat Schedule – 2GO

super-cat-ferry-002Super Cat Ferry -  now operating as 2GO Ferry

The Supercat Fast Ferry Corporation

Pier 4, North Reclamation Area
Cebu City, 6000 Philippines
TIN 215-277-474-001-VAT

super-cat-ferry-011The Super Cat Schedule effective October 2009

Cebu to Ormoc 05:45 AM, 11:00 AM, 04:40PM

Ormoc to Cebu 08:20 AM, 01:45 PM, 07:15PM

Cebu to Tagbilaran 08:30AM, 12:30PM, 04:30PM

Tagbilaran to Cebu 10:30AM, 02:30PM, 06:30PM

Bacolod to Iloilo 06:00AM, 09:00AM, 12:00NN, 03:15PM

Iloilo to Bacolod 07:30AM, 10:30AM, 01:30PM, 05:00 PM

Supercat pier in Cebu City

Supercat ferry pier n Cebu

super-cat-ferry-0101hotline – always call and double check – the schedule posted here will change
Cebu – 032 233 7000
Ormoc – 053 561 9818
Tagbilaran – 038 501 8380
Bacolod – 034 707 7227
Iloilo – 033 508 7227


super-cat-ferry-004This catamaran makes the trip from Cebu to Ormoc in just a bit over two hours. I did the trip yesterday and the promo fare was 600 pesos plus a 25 peso terminal tax. Drinks and sandwiches are available and there are movies on the tv.


super-cat-ferry-003The trip is a breeze but thing that surprised me was the port security. The bar code on your ticket is scanned and then your picture is taken as you pass into the passenger waiting area.

The SuperCat departs from pier 4 in Cebu.

update – Super Cat now operates under the name 2GO – the same fast boats and good service – same ticket office and terminal piers

2GO travel fast ferry

2GO travel fast ferry

2Go travel – fast ferry Cebu City to Ormoc Cityat the pier in Ormoc City – same boats and captain and crew but new name

2GO Travel

2GO Travel

2Go travel – fast ferry Cebu City to Ormoc and back – same service and boats but new name – picture below at the pier in Cebu City – costs about 750 peso each way. Passengers only ( if you need roll on roll off vehicle transport check with Lite Shipping)


2GO Travel

Always check the local paper for changes in the schedule!

Super Cat Р2GO ferry 

Cebu City to Ormoc City



Nov 6, 2009

26 responses to “Super Cat Schedule – 2GO”

  1. good day! do super cat have route here in dumaguete,city
    sa well as no can you make a route here
    hoping for your kind and consideration.

  2. I’d add one more thing about riding anything with AC in the PI, first class buses or ferries, it’s freezing so have a jacket!

  3. Hi to all,

    Regarding the route, hope this time you’ll have a route from Bacolod going to Cebu..
    Hope you’ll have a positive response.

    God Bless to all,


  4. hi i been to ph many times.i rode supercat from cebu to ormoc the ride was big complaint is the scam the porters have going now..400 pesos to carry my luggage almost as much as the ticket.they said other than passengers no one was allowed to enter the they were the only ones allowed to take my luggage.i rode supercat before and never experienced this.i also rode the slow ship back to cebu and was pretty much the same deal.its like the scam the taxis had for awhile where the meter didnt work and it was 500 pesos for a short ride.i hope this gets under control so the ships dont lose business.hopefully enough people will complain so they do something about it. other then that ph was great.

  5. yes i agree with u.but i had 3 bags and a child.150 would have been fair.but i was at the mercy of the porter.sad part is family members that live in ph.dont earn 400 for the day.they got that for 10 minutes work.i guess thats what bothers me the most.i used taxis this trip and had no problems.over all good trip.great people ,good don

  6. how much is the fare Ormoc — Cebu ?? tnx po :)

  7. Is there a Supercat from cebu to Dipolog ?

  8. hello…good day! meron po ba kayong biyahe sa January 1? Cebu to Tagbilaran po…f meron ano ung pinakamaaga na biyahe…magpapabook po ako…pm meh f meron…then how much ung ticket… Advance Happy New Year and GOD Bless …

  9. Is there any secure overnight parking near the terminal? Like those ones in manila airport? Thanks.

  10. Hi! good day po!! ask ko lng wat time po ang byahe ng supercat from cebu to ormoc po sa 28 and 29 ng april po??? thanks a lot po!! God bless..

  11. pag mag pa book ng 5 days befor yung travel sa super cat na cebu to ormoc mababa ba yung rate?

  12. paano po mag booking sa supercat from cebu to ormoc ?

  13. How much is Cebu to Dumaguete? and please give the schedule….and how many hours is the travel…thank you and hope to hear from your good office soon

  14. Good day
    I would like to ask if u have route cebu to dumaguete direct and what pier and what time bcoz i will landed on July 27 midnight from Dubai 1st time travelling dubai to cebu via emirates airline sorry if I do think know.
    Hoping for ur responsed

  15. good day, just wanna ask if you have a route from cebu to bacolod as of this time. what time of departure and where is the location of the pier, aside from that how long it will take? if none, do you have the idea on how i can landed there in bacolod aside fro aircraft?
    thank..and God Bless You


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