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  1. I just got back from Johan’s yesterday.

    The divemaster is Henry. He has a freshly minted divemaster named Wing working there as well. I took the Rescue class with Wing a year ago. He stayed there and made divemaster while I went home and worked in sillycone valley instead of diving. Both of these guys are great!

    Johan’s has two instructors (plus Johan himself): Paul and Steve. I don’t know much about Paul, but ‘one arm’ Steve is an excellent instructor and fun to be with on a dive.

    Feb 15, 2009

  2. I was at Johan’s April 5 till April 9 2009 and took the Rescue Diver course. Paul was my instructor and he was very helpful and shared lots of knowledge. All the staff at Johan’s to include the girls who work there are very friendly and professional. The food was great and to me, the entire place was better organized and had a friendlier, playful feeling about it. I wish I could live there, I would be in heaven. Johan is a friendly man who looks after his staff and he treats the guests as his friends. They have good boats and good equipment for divers. The rooms are clean with plenty of space and the prices for food, rooms and diving are much better than the surrounding areas.

    Thomas Garrard

  3. dont ever dive in johans resort.. the staff is arrogant. they dont have any respect to their customer.

  4. Been at Johans at eastern 2009 for the DSAT adv. Tech diving course. The place is good and Johan is very demanding as an instructor – but very professional and I would like to to be there again – any time. Best regards to Johan, Henry, Paul and Steve.

  5. i will be going home to the philippines jan.4 im planning to dive at Subic Bay. How much will it cost me just for a dive.I can go with a group. What time do you normally start in the morning.if i wsill take the package how many dives a day and how much for per dive i got my own i will only make use of a tank.

    ben pena

  6. Have a look at this site and put names to the Subic Bay wrecks that you have not already identified!

  7. To u guys out there..”
    I Dit my (Advanced open water) in Johan’s dive resort abot (3yers ago) as well stayed there for few days. to tel u the truth they are the “BEST” bunch of wornderfull people and “realy very GOOD dive master’s that i personely came acros””? payments to stay in “Johan’s as for me and my “WIFE was just ok with us; as we realy enjoyed very good “FOOD” just “AWESOME” i personely give my “TUMPS” up for Johan’s dive resort…
    JUST keep up with your good work <> u guys
    with Complement’S “”???..(MIKE BASKARAN)

  8. Heard from a friend and fellow diver who lives at Subic that Steve and another diver perished during a penetration dive of the USS New York earlier this week.

  9. Greetings fellow divers!

    I have done about 40 dives in Subic Bay and always dive with “El Coral Reef Dive Center”. Great instructors and superb dive masters. Having said that, this is fortunately a pretty common statement, divers are a great community, period!

    El Coral Reef Dive Center operates within the facilities of Blue Rock Resort and offer diving on all dive sites in Subic. Apart from recreational diving this Dive Center caters all kinds of dive courses including the basic programs but also wreck penetration courses, deep diving, technical and other useful training program suitable for diving within “the bay”.

    Check them out on elcoralreefdivecenter.com/ or thru their Facebook page facebook.com/elcoralreefdivecenter

    Plenty of interesting information on their site and lots of pictures. Cant wait to get back there and do some more diving, dive safe everyone!

  10. I went diving with my 13-year old at El Capitan yesterday. Wing was our divemaster and he was really smooth in the water. He was also very professional during the pre-dive briefing. Even though I have my AOW, he ensured that we did not go deeper than 12m because of my son. The visibility could have been clearer but I have to admit that it was one of my most relaxing dives. The staff at Johan’s were friendly too.

  11. Hey dutchpickle.
    Come for your free dive anytime. YES we are the new kids on the block and respect johans greatfully. http://www.arizonadivesubic.com
    All the best and happy and safe diving

  12. If you’re interested in wreck diving in Subic Bay, The Philippines you can find lots of information here:


    Happy diving everyone!

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