Libertys Lodging and Pauls Diving

img_1012.jpgApo Island
Liberty’s Lodge and Paul’s Diving

Liberty’s Lodge and Paul’s Diving is the biggest and longest established tourist business on Apo Island.

Some of the rooms have great views overlooking the bay and the dive shop is just off the beach.


I am told that Libertys  had the first generator on the island and provided power for the village as well. It must have taken a lot of work to build this place with materials all shipped in from the mainland, including fresh water.

The relaxing restaurant is at the top of the stairs. Many boats diving Apo just come for the day but staying on the island for a few days it a neat experience.
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+63(0) 920 238 5704
+63(0) 35 321 1036
+63(0) 35 424 0888

Apo Island

Dec 9, 2007

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