10 responses to “Motorbike Rental Dumaguete”

  1. i would like to rent a 250 for 4 days in dumaguete starting on may 8,2011, from JFL MOTORCYCLES. I TRIED TO CALL THE NUMBER LISTED BUT WOULD NOT WORK



  2. We arrive the 11th of february, we stay 11 days and we need 3 bikes; 2 200cc, and one XRM 125; Could it be possible?

  3. hi there
    do you have a 200ccm for rental from march 4th to march 19th 2013?

  4. Hi how dose it work I have a US driver license it ok to drive in philipiens or do I need any type of restriction?

  5. The first time I visited I tried to get a license and the dps or what ever they call themselves there told me that if I was staying over 90 days I could get one but anything under that US. Your U.S. License it took me almost a full day to travel to the office fill out all the paperwork let them debate why I’m there and then send me away with my u.s. License

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