3 responses to “Sipalay dog catchers”

  1. Dutch,
    I have to agree that the owners are to blame, not really the dog’s fault.
    The dog problem in our town is becoming bad. They roam at night, and seem to become quite brave at barking and chasing anyone walking by.
    I wish our town had dog catchers or at least made owners responsible for their dogs, but then again I wish to be a millionaire, both of which will never happen.

  2. Giday dp

    Yes agree, the dog owners are to be blamed for wandering dogs. As well, getting dogs de-sexed is not that common in PI so there is a lot of cross-breeding and in-breeding which can result in some pretty unstable dogs.

    The people of Sipilay are on the right track, dog control benefits everybody. People who don’t or won’t control their dogs are not responsible owners and don’t deserve to have dogs.

    Rabies is a very dangerous illness, I have had rabies shots (think they last 10yrs) and well worth the piece of mind to anyone that travels in rural areas.



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