Sugar Cane – Negros Island

sugar-cane-workers-004Sugar cane workers on Negros Island

Sugar cane grows well in flat areas with a lot of rain. Working those fields is backbreaking for both the carabao and the cane cutters.

sugar-cane-workers-005The cane cutters get up early in the morning and start cutting the cane.

They clean the stalks and line them up in long rows in the fields. These carabao are used to haul the cane to the side of the road in these two wheeled carts.

sugar-cane-workers-0091There were around ten carabao working this field with the cutters.

Sugar cane is tough  and you can cut yourself on the leaves. These guys really work hard for their two dollars a day!

sugar-cane-workers-007Long sleeves protect the arms from cuts and the t-shirt over the head protects from the intense Philippine sun! Man, these guys work hard but keep a smile on their face and get a good laugh at of the foreigner taking their pictures.

I admire these guys…

sugar-cane-workers-008sugar-cane-workers-003cane trucks


sugar-cane-workers-010Loading sugar cane on the west coast of Negros between Sipilay and Bocolod.

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Oct 22, 2009

5 responses to “Sugar Cane – Negros Island”

  1. You should try buying a box of beer and share it with some of those guys working the canefields…. That’s pure fun. I did it once on the way from Victorias City to Gawahon… :-)

  2. Hi dp,
    watching these guys working is like stepping back in time mate. And the wages like u say are so poor. They realy have to earn their corn woring on the sugar cane plantations. I think i will pass on that one as work experience ,

  3. You guys are amazing thanks for sharing this pictures i used to do this work:) not all of it but cutting the cane only. This pictures brings a lot of memories. I miss the scenery but not the work. Cant wait to go home soon.

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