Twin Lakes Danao and Balinsasayao

twin-lakes-018The Twin Lakes – Lake Danao and Balinsasayao are an easy day trip from Dumaguete City on Negros Island.

twin-lakes-025Most people would have no problem riding a rented motorbike up there on their own, but you could also hire a local motorcycle driver to buzz you up there.


twin-lakes-0261If you are driving yourself, just head out of town past Sibulan in the direction of San Jose. With all the highway construction going on now it might take you over a half hour to get to the turn off.

twin-lakes-011A well marked sign will point the way up the hill. It’s a pleasant 14 kilometer trip to the lakes.


There is a gate near the top where foreigners must pay 100 pesos entrance fee and a 12 pesos parking fee (for motorbikes) cars are probably more but I forgot to ask.

twin-lakes-007It’s a little bit cooler up there in the mountains.

twin-lakes-0101twin-lakes-009Picnic area near the lakes.

twin-lakes-006Have fun!

Lakes Danao and Balinsasayao

Jun 5, 2009

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