5 responses to “Around Town El Nido Palawan”

  1. Hey dp,

    what’s the name of the place in one of your pictures that has a caption of – There are lots of places to stay right on the beach.

    please email me.


  2. Hi Dp,
    Lots of great info.
    Tell me ,if you had to choose a hotel give me your top 3.
    Also what would you do if you had 3-4 days.
    Thanks Evan

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the contact info. Do you have any idea which of the listed places to stay might be on the cheaper end?

  4. i really enjoy staying in el nido,of course the cottage wer we stay “tandikan” and the Arman v. island tour they are very entertaining tour guide..kuya mascardo,al, and mark….they handle safe!!! ill recommend them when u there!!!

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