Palawan Butterfly Farm

img_1172.jpgPalawan Butterfly Farm

The butterfly farm is about 20 minutes from Puerto Princesa off the south bound highway.

Best viewing times are in the morning because the butterflies take shelter from the scorching sun in the afternoon.

img_1170.jpgThe “farm” is a large screened in area where cocoons are kept until the butterflies hatch.

From town you can catch a multicab for 17 pesos or hire a tricycle and have the driver take you out there and wait till you are ready to leave.

img_1183.jpgFor most travelers an hour should be enough time to get a good enough look.

It is easy to get pictures because the butterflies are basically imprisoned but at least the birds can’t get at them.

They are supposed to be easier to see in the early mornings before it gets too hot because they will take refuge in the shade.

img_1151.jpgIt was a rainy afternoon when I stopped in so they were still active.

The entry fee is 50 peso.

There is a vantage point (Bakers Hill) with a restaurant across the highway and up the hill a few hundred meters where you could get something to eat or drink while taking in the view before heading over to the crocodile farm or back to town.

Palawan Butterfly Farm

Butterflies for sale on the sidewalk in Puerto Princessa

butterfly on banana leafButterfly on a banana leaf.

Palawan Butterfly on LeafButterfly on palm leaf.

butterfly on flowerButterfly on Flower

Butterfly on FlowerButterfly on yellow flower.

Palawan Butterfly FarmButterfly Gardens

Brown ButterflyBrown butterfly with spots.

Palawan Butterfly GardensPalawan Butterfly Garden

Butterfly on LeafButterfly on leaf.

Palawan Butterfly Farm

Oct 29, 2007

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  1. I also want to buy butterflies please contact me at 09164125972.

  2. how many kinds butterflies you have?

  3. hi!can i get the number of the guy working in the butterfly farm who is in the pic handling a scorpion?mine is 09236179344

  4. Can you give me a contact person including their celphone number who are breeding different butterflies. Or can you give my number to contact me. I would really appreciate if you could help me find these breeders. Look forward to yuor response.


  5. Hi Dp,

    Thank you for your quick response. I would really appreciate your help to sustain our butterfly house. You can also give my cp no. 09164125972


  6. Hi,
    May I ask if where could I buy cocoons? I really wanted to breed butterflies.

  7. Looking 4 trogonoptera trojana to purchase – 25-40 pieces. RSVP


  8. hi from california! i bought a mounted butterfly display from a guy selling them by a sidewalk just like in the picture above. i got one with a giant brown-ish butterfly in the center with two male trogonoptera trojana and a bunch of others for around 1500 pesos, really glad i came across ’em!

  9. can i supply you of live butterfly or pupae?

  10. Hi these is Levi Here in Mindanao we are planning to buy papillo lowi how much? i need 100 pcs for my birthday here is my number … thank you…

  11. I have butterfly garden/breeding if anyone who want’s to know about butterfly just contact me here +639287691568

  12. Good day! My name is Ramis. I’m the owner of several live butterfly exhibitions in Ukraine. And I’d like to cooperate with you and buy butterfly pupae. How can we do this? If you agree we need your sanitary certificate.I’m ready to spend $500-1000 a week. Best wishes

  13. Hello. My name is Irina. I am from Russia. Can you supply butterfly pupae to Russia?

  14. Hello po dp,

    Ask ko lng po nagbebenta po ba kayo ng butterfly? How much po?

    Thank you


  15. Hello

    We are planing to open up a butterfly farm in Thailand in 2017 and we are looking for international suppliers for butterfly pupae

    If you can do it

    What type of butterflies can you offer? 
    Please send us your price list?
    thanks a lot in advance and Best regards

  16. I would like to buy butterflies pupaes? Do you sell them?
    Or can you recommend someone?

    Thank you!

  17. Hi. I’m Tony. You could recommend one of the suppliers of live cocoons of butterflies. Thanks.

  18. Is this company wants to buy a butterfly my breed is a papillo demoleus or the lemon butterfly and I have lots of them and some of the caterpillars are almost at the chrysalis stage

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