Dallas Inn Puerto Princesa

Dallas Inn Puerto Princesa PalawanThe Dallas Inn might be the best backpackers accommodation available in Puerto Princesa.

The place has a great high energy vibe and the wireless connection is pretty good for Palawan! (sometimes)

Dallas Inn Puerto PrincesaDallas Inn 09199678558 / 09157595296

Dallas Inn free coffee in he morningsFree coffee in the mornings. Note the two paintings on the wall of scenes in the Batanes Islands.

Manager of the Dallas Inn - OringOring grew up in the Batanes – the island group way up north of Luzon. She is a good source of information about how to get there, where to stay, weather conditions, costs etc.

Dallas Inn 09199678558 / 09157595296

beautiful plantBeautiful plants fill the courtyard.

email dallasinnpalawan @ yahoo                        www.dallasinnpalawan.com

Niurka and Michael from Mexico

Michael and Niurika are visitors from Baja Mexico. Interesting people seem to be attracted to this place

Guests from RussiaVery cool people from Russia.

Dallas Inn room 500 pesos

accommodation 300 – 600 pesos  – discounts available – dorm room and private rooms

dallas-inn-free-wi-fi-Free wi-fi – at times slow – at times fast – they plan to switch to dsl starting next week.

Dallas Inn Puerto Princesa PalawanThe Dallas Inn seems to have an unusual name but it’s actually owned by a Filipina named Dallas that ironically lives in Dallas Texas.

License plates from TexasThere are only 5 rooms so try to make an advance reservation if you can and try to get there before noon. This is the nicest place that I have found yet in my price range in Puerto Princesa.

call ahead – Dallas Inn 09199678558 / 09157595296

Backpackers Inn Palawan

The location is convenient – one street off of Rizal Avenue – so you can walk downtown in 5 minutes or less.

Shakey's Pizza Puerto Princesa

The NCC Mall, Jolibees, Chow King, Western Union, BDO Bank, M Lhuiler, tourist shops, Shakeys Pizza, Itoys cafe, the park and all sorts of other stuff is just around the corner.

Palaan tricycles outside of Dallas Inn

Tricycle fares start at 7 peso per person for downtown runs.  Just ask the fare at the beginning of the ride until you get a feel for the proper charge.

Puerto Princesa Motorcycle rental shop

There are 5 rental bike shops on Rizal Ave just before you get to the airport. Palawan is perfect for exploring by motorcycle.

Exploring Palawan by motorbike

Dallas Inn Puerto Princesa

Nov 25, 2010 www.dutchpickle.com

12 responses to “Dallas Inn Puerto Princesa”

  1. Thanks for your review, it helped me decide which inn to choose from in Puerto.
    I chose Dallas and it was a great choice after spending 2 weeks in Palawan, now I made my own review of the place : )

  2. July 13,2011

    Thanks Ms.Oring…My son and I greatly appreciate your warm accomodation..All the reviews I’ve read speaks of nothing but the truth.

    Dallas Inn is very accesible to the main street of the place..walking distance to Jolibee,Chowking and other business establishments…

    Dallas Inn,,comfortable and budget friendly…What’s more?It feels like home….
    Hope to see you again…..

  3. I stayed in Dallas Inn last summer (2010). It is a very clean and cozy place to stay, What else you want for 350PHP for a double room?

    Just glad to hear that Ms Oring is going to install a better wifi network. It did not work well when I stayed there.

  4. finally, after i read your review about dallas inn, and i decide to stay there in this december….

  5. Dear Oring,

    I am the mother of Benjamin. I have any new from him since 7 days. I am very
    afraid because of the situation in your country. I know that you are in contact
    mostly ervery day with my son. Please try to help me and give me any new as
    soon as you can. Benjamin told the that his mobilphone was stolen and it is
    complicate to commicate those days with him. Oring, please help me, i am going to die
    if i do not get any news from him very soon. The most strange thing is that he
    in not replying to my different mails.
    In any case if you don’t have any new from him can you give your mobilphone number and the adress and name and phone number of the hotel where he is living now.
    Carole Raux

  6. I go to Dallas Inn to check youre son Mr Raux im friend of Rick,ill let you know after i talk the owner of Dallas Inn,

  7. Ms Raux

    This morning i go to Dallas Inn to check youre son Benjamen,the assistant of Dallas Inn told me youre son Benjamen with the owner of Dallas Inn down to El nido Island,also told me the assistant of Dallas Inn Benjamin got new mobile phone ,he cant send any email to you to update what benjamin happen around Phillipines cause some part of phillipines country down system because of super typhoon Haiyan attack phillipines,,a few days benjamin back to puerto princesa city soon benjamin send you email or they call you….internet connection back to normal already…..do not worry to youre son,hes ok now,

  8. …happy ending !

    good news

  9. No worries ricks…take care alyn…enjoy youre trip

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