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  1. Sounds good DP, did not hear about this guy when I was last there. Every where we went we were pesstered with an Island hopping trip which we eventualy did.

    Agree the place is lovely if a bit touristy, also crime was a problem, do they still have a large fence between the cottages and the beach?

    Must look up your trip there, wonder if the road has improved?

    Great site and wonderful adventures.

  2. Hello,

    I like your website.

    I’m visiting El Nido around late April next year. The guides that you recommended, are they nice and reliable? I’d like to do the Island Hopping (bacuit islands), how much do they usually charge for the whole day? Also, I’m alone and a girl; is it safe for me to visit El Nido alone?

    Rocky, your tour guide, seems like a nice guy, do you have his email add?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

  3. DP,

    Thank you so much!!! – really appreciate your reply =)

    Also, are they the same guides that the Boutique & Art Cafe are associated with?


  4. hi there

    im living and doing business in el nido for around 3 years now and i didnt heard any crime in el nido yet.im living in the philippines since 1991,im married here and have 3 kids,and el nido is the safest place in the philippines.and its not “TOURISTY”.actually we need more tourists.peak season is only from december till june,after that no source of income for those people who are in tourists’ related jobs.
    el nido is the paradise of the philippines.

    for more info feel free to contact me :
    gurinderpauls @ yahoo.com
    and we are also buying some motorbikes for rent in el nido soon.

    seee yaaaaa

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