Iwahig Prison Farm

Iwahig Prison Farm PalawanIwahig Prison Farm

MG, a frequent poster on this site wanted me to go along with him to see the Iwahig Prison Farm just past the crocodile farm on the road heading to his place in southern Palawan.

Iwahig Prison minimum security farmMG works for the Australian Justice Department and has a special interest in this sort of thing.

MG and AlynMG and Alyn pulling up to the main gate.

Iwahig Prison FarmI always believed what makes the Philippines so cool is the character of the people. Here the prisoners seemed to really be enjoying themselves bartering over the price of the crafts that they make to try to raise a little money.

selling craftsI was taking a few pictures of these guys selling crafts but the guards told me not to take any more because it was against regulations. These guys made some beautiful stuff and MG loaded up on some gifts to give to his mates at work back home.

Prison craftsAlyn tests a beautifully painted baton while MG looks over a sailboat. He paid 40 pesos for that baton.

painted dragons and scorpion design on batonThis baton had some intricately painted dragons and scorpions and was carved from a heavy wood.  A real piece of work it was!

the wardenThe warden.

large sailboat craftThese guys had some real talent. The builder of this large sailboat was asking 3000 pesos for creation. If I lived in Palawan, buying it would have been a possibility – but I asked if I could just take a picture of it or 15 peso

wooden sailboatsThis sailboat was a beauty!

t-shirt swapMG was going to swap his t-shirt for one of theirs but couldn’t find one that fit.

iwahigThe t-shirt had a hole in it too.

iwahigAlyn with the goods…

iwahig rice fieldBeautiful Iwahig rice field project.

iwahigThanks for the tour!

friendly chatFriendly chat at the front gate.

Iwahig at the check in.Everythings OK!

MG strikes a pose in front of the flagStriking a pose!

Iwahig Prison Farm Palawan

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