Ka Lui restaurant Puerto Princesa

Ka Luis Puerto PrincessaKa Lui restaurant

This restaurant in Puerto Princesa has the best seafood platter for 350 pesos that I’ve ever had.

The ambiance is superb and every visitor to Palawan should consider at least one meal here.

Ka Luis RestaurantEveryone kicks their shoes off at the entrance and finds a comfortable place to settle in for the evening. Japanese style tables are available for those that find that to be comfortable.

The seafood in this place is delicious but there are other entrees to choose from as well. The staff is first rate and you will have a wonderful evening.

seafood platterKa Luis is my favorite restaurant in the Philippines and I recommend that all visitors to Puerto have at least one meal here – open at 6pm to 11pm but closed on Sundays.

They are located on the road that runs parallel to the airport near the Moana Hotel and Amelia Pension. Several other restaurants and bars including a pizza shop are on the same street.

Ka Luis RestaurantIt is best to call in a reservation because the place has limited seating.

Ka Luis Restaurant 048 433 2580

Ka Lui Restaurant Puerto Princesa

Ka Luis Restaurant

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