Palawan Bearded Pig

Palawan Beardimg_0721ed Pig – Philippines

This fellow has a rather dignified look with his long white whiskers.

He is the native pig of Palawan and is seldom seen in the wild with the exception of the local hunters who are experts at getting around in the brush and know what to look for.

Bearded pig whiskers

This bearded pig resides at the crocodile farm and animal sanctuary about a half hour outside of Puerto Princesa.

Palawan bearded pig at the crocodile farm

The pig has a large fenced pen but is clearly agitated about being in captivity.

bearded pig at the crocodile farm

img_0717.jpgHe paces back and forth and occasionally lunges as if to bite you which I am sure he would if that chain link wasn’t holding him back.

Palawan has quite a few species of animals that are only found on this island. I have read that this bearded pig has a close relative that lives in Borneo.

palawan bearded pig standing

You have to admire the photographers that take pics of these guys in the wild because it was hard enough to get a shot with him pacing back and forth in captivity.

MG feeding the pig an ice cream coneMG feeding the pig an ice cream cone. Some of these photos are from my most recent trip to the Palawan Crocodile Farm on Nov 23 2010. There used to be two pigs in this enclosure but now there is only one.

Palawan Bearded Pig – Calauit Island – Busuanga

palawan-bearded-pig-palawan-001These pictures are from the Safari Park on Calauit Island in northwestern Palawan.

palawan-bearded-pig-palawan-010The bearded pig is only found in Palawan and bits of Borneo. I have only seen them in at the crocodile farm near Puerto Princessa and again last week at the Safari Park in Busuanga.

palawan-bearded-pig-palawan-008Palawan Bearded Pig

palawan-bearded-pig-palawan-005Palawan Bearded Pig

palawan-bearded-pig-palawan-004Calauit – Safari Park

palawan-bearded-pig-palawan-009Safari Park Busuanga

palawan-bearded-pig-palawan-002palawan-bearded-pig-palawan-003More Pigs


palawan-bearded-pig-palawan-011Busuanga Palawan

dutchpickle logoPalawan Bearded Pig

Nov 1, 2007

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