Palawan scorpion

img_1188Palawan scorpion

Occasionally you will see one of these jumbo scorpions crossing the road as you buzz along.

This guy works at the butterfly farm and has no fear about handling one of these beauties but does give the warning “Sir, careful – poisonous!”

All scorpions have some venom but most will only give you a nasty welt. There are a few species that are known to be life threatening but I don’t think this one qualifies.Palawan Scorpion

New pictures from December 2010 – Malay Giant Scorpion

malay giant scorpionThese giant Malay Scorpions are found in Palawan and a few islands around Tawi-Tawi but are not found elsewhere in the Philippines.

Giant ScorpionThese jumbo scorpions are not a danger to hold on your extended palm because they can only  strike aggressors coming from above. They feed primarily on cockroaches and crickets.

Palawan  scorpion

Nov 1, 2007

16 responses to “Palawan scorpion”

  1. I want to know who can i contact regarding this scorpion. Kindly contact me at 09164125972

  2. that was an asian forest scorpion its not poisonous

  3. im from cebu,can i have ur contact number?maybe u can ship some of those scorps to cebu..i wanna know how much does it cost if ill get 20 adult scorps.

  4. juz contact me @ 09236179344..

  5. Sir mtaas b venom level ng Hottentotta Hotenttotta? thanks…

  6. sana mabigyan ako ng hints tungkol sa mga scorpions kasi animal lover ako thanks a lot…..

  7. i just wanna ask if Lychas mucronatus is a poisonous scorpion… coz’ i caught this scorpion in my room…
    and what do they eat..


  8. i have this kind of scorp. and its docile. Hottentotta have level 3 venom in a ratio 1-5 which is 5 is the strongest. ihave 3 hottentotta, 1 asian black scorp, 2 Parabuthus Transvaalicus, 1 matured female Isometrus Maculatus withs babies (approx. 20 slings (babies) 1 mexican red knee tarantula, 1 large chaco golden knee tarantula

  9. tanong ko lng poh saan poh ba nakakakuha ng scorpion…? gustong gusto ko po kac magalaga kahit isa lng….

  10. tanong ko lang po kung papaano o pano alagaan ang scorp. ? nag iistart palang po kasi ako sa hilig ko sa scorp.?

  11. I want this scorpion please contact me. Im from Ilicos Norte. +639164520534.

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