11 responses to “Sabang Mangrove Forest Palawan”

  1. Hey dp,
    man this is my kinda tour. Wow i would have loved to seen all the critters. As you know thats one of the many problems here in the Philippines that any thing live that the kids see they wanna kill and bbq. Thyey really do need a better sense of conservation awareness teaching to the kids at a very young age and drill it in to them that at the rate they are killing stuff they will have nothing to kill in 30-40 years maybe.I love the reptiles in perticular. But like u know we rarely see any around unless they are on a scure being bbqd.
    Hope Beth is enjoying the vacation.
    U take good care .
    BW Dave

  2. PS. fish doing fine ehehehe

  3. nak ng p..!

    I should have read this write up to have me encouraged to take the mangroove tour.

    we were there April 10/10, on our way to the UG River trek route. Our guide offered to take the trip but we heistated and dropped the idea.

    Sayang, sayang!

  4. I was there in September 2009, highly recommend to go for the boat trip!

  5. It was a pity my guide did not push through with the mangrove tour. It was bloody raining and the waves were angry at that time. So with the underground river tour. Everything were cancelled due to heavy rains. But I had great photos of the beach. I will come back later for the mangrove and underground river tours. I might comeback this Holy week. Good day!

  6. will go here nx time. sounds a real adventure!

  7. Here in the south of Palawan there may be a 5m crocodile to add to the excitement of the mangrove tour too. But not in Sabang. I want to do that Mangrove tour now, thanks Dutch

  8. Hi,
    I’d really like to go on this mangrove boattour and I was wondering of you’d need a permit for the national park for it? Do you know anything about this as I’m now in Princesa before I go to Sabang?
    Kind Regards Alba

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