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  1. Yo dp,
    cant wait to get some pics off you camera and print up to put on me walls hehhhe. keep em coming mate . excellent trip and looks well worth the money. U lucky dog .

  2. Hope the road has improved to El Nedo DP, last time it was not good.

    Gosh things have changed, when I did that cave we were about the only ones on the tour, they would be lucky to get 100 people on a top day.Seems Palawan is general has become quite touristy now.

    Look forward to more stories DP great work and keep it up.

  3. excited to come next month.. is there are reason to be concerned about Malaria in Palawan? Pls. advise. thanks.

  4. hi DP,
    may i just ask if its possible for us to have the underground tour NOT from the package that hotels offers to their guest? what i mean is can we just go to sabang on our own and then just do everything there, like the permits, boats etc etc. we will be going there on the 25th of feb. thanks!

  5. hi there…
    how will long will it takes if we’re the one who’ll get everything we need to the U.R. instead of tour packages?
    thank you!
    it’ll be a great help for us…

  6. i am from nj planning to have a family trip to experience the ferrry ride to underground river – group of 8- mother, sisters nephew and nieces. i always wanted to see palawan coming from manila what would be a good and better way of getting there in palawan. it would be all expenses paid for me. pls. advice

  7. hi po.. just want to ask some info.. me together with my 2 niece are booked for a trip in palawan on sept 28 8:00 am flight.. please i need someone to ask about the cost for the underground river and other tours.. please txt me on this number 09165654331.. tnx so much..

  8. wow, simply nice view……always fancied el-Nido..little this i know this underground river was near by…..hmmm

  9. Hi po Dp,

    How far is the underground river if we are coming from El Nido? Is there a public transportation from El Nido to the site? Thanks.

    – Jeffrey

  10. by motorcycle

    renting a motorcycle in Puerto Princessa for 500 peso or so per days and just driving yourself is a good option too


  11. do you have contact numbers coz i want to do the special tour that goes deeper into the cave. been there twice in 2002 and 2006 so this time i want to cover the other inner parts of the cave. is it true that to secure a special permit it takes 2 wks? pls provide details or persons to contact for this kind of trip…thanks!

  12. hi dp i dont wish to even go up to 4th km of the 8-km underground river sounds so scary. a good 1 or 2 km after the usual route would be enough i just want to see something new. maybe i’ll enquire in PP or the ticket booth in Sabang.
    To learn that the cave reaches beyond 20 km surprises me!

  13. I booked a resort for my family in sabang on May 28-31. The problem is… the resort advised me that they are no longer allowed to arrange for UR tour for the month of May because the park is fully booked. We have to secure our permits ourselves in PP city but the queue is very long and it may take almost a day just to get a permit. Can anybody help me with this problem? I don’t like to spoil our Palawan trip by skipping UR. Thanks.

  14. hi dp!

    will go to Palawan by october, i am not yet decided if i will just go for a package tour or DIY trip.. but yours looks interesting. can you help me?

    for the special permit, when do we have to get it? how much is it per person? or is it one permit per group?

    then the shuttle boat, is it still the one to use when going on the cave or other boat? if to use other boat, then the shuttle boat you use going to Sabang will wait for you until the tour was done?

    is there any other fees to pay?

    thanks a lot!!

  15. More power to your site! I enjoy reading you articles and doing back reads : )

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