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banaue_120Green House Inn – Sagada

Far and away the best place for the budget backpacker to stay in Sagada is the Green House Inn.

Just follow the trail behind the Bamboo Grill a short ways up the hill and there is a cozy little house managed by Nora a sweet lady from Baguio.

Singles are only 180 peso and the doubles are 350 in rooms 6 and 9.

You can lose a few days in Sagada very easily walking through the caves and the surrounding countryside. The only drawback to this place is that everything is very organized and a bit expensive to hire the guides that you will need to go into the caves.

The fields around Sagada are easy enough to walk on your own. Tourists are common and the locals will be reserved but helpful, just try to stay on well established trails so you don’t damage the rice paddy walls.

There is a market in town where you can get vegetables to cook back home at the well equipped kitchen in the Green House Inn. Potatoes, onions, tomatoes, sweet peas, oranges, apples, gabi and all sorts of other stuff is available.

There is also a bakery on the same side of the road as Sagada Weaving where fresh breads are baked daily.

Nora has a toaster in the kitchen and you can make some killer tomato and onion sandwiches real cheap.

A thermos of hot water is always available for coffee and tea and a large dispenser of fresh drinking water is on the counter.

banaue_096.jpgHot water for showers can be heated up for 15 pesos which is a good value on really cold mornings when you are trying to wake up.

There’s big tv in the common room where you can relax and exchange information with other travelers

Charging cell phones costs 15 peso.

banaue_133.jpgThe weekends can be packed with Filipino tourists by the hundreds so try to arrive on a Monday.

The Green House makes no reservations and just treats everyone on a first come first serve basis.

Green House Inn – good value in Sagada

Apr 12, 2007

9 responses to “Green House Inn”

  1. how can i contact or make a reservation? ill be traveling with my bike, is der a safe parking place on the area?. im planning my 1st trip in sagada. thank you very much

  2. any contact no. please? would really like to visit sagada this september. is it ok to travel alone?

  3. Green hs is best value.
    bike you have yo carry and push along a narrow path into garden of Inn.
    ask Nora first.
    Great Place and friendly.
    Very Well cleaned and organized too

  4. how do we get there after the jeepney ride from bontoc?

  5. Contact number please?

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