Sagada Homestay

Sagada HomestayThe Sagada Homestay might well be the best value in Sagada. There is a peaceful atmosphere and the owner really goes out of her way to make you feel at home.

The town of Sagada has a unique feel – the people are successful in business and are highly educated. Everything closes down around 8 pm and there is very little nightlife. Outsiders can not start businesses here or buy property because the locals want to protect their small town way of life.

view of SagadaSagada is famous for it’s burial caves and hanging coffins,  but it’s not a bad place to just rest up for a few days and relax even if you are not into caving.

Sagada HomestayThe Sagada Homestay has a beautiful view of town,  has beds for 200 pesos,  kitchen privileges,  wi-fi and is the best value that I have run across in Sagada or anywhere else in the Philippines.  Karen – 09197028380 , 0919498218

Sagada HomestayBackpackers will likely enjoy the vibe here.

Well equiped kitchenThe kitchen is well equipped.

Sagada HomestayThis homestay is the best value that I have yet come across in Sagada. I also recommend the Green House Inn for those looking for good backpacker style accommodation that also has kitchen privileges.

view from the Sagada Guest HouseSagada HomestaySagada can get very cold at night and it rains every day during the rainy season (around July)

This homestay has a clothes line where you can dry your clothes in the mornings.

I was in town a few times when it started to rain and the staff had taken all my stuff of the line and put it inside (including my shoes – which I had been trying to dry for a few days).

That is an example of how on the ball these people are.

There is a separate guest cottage next door that Karen let me use because it was the off season. It has two rooms, a big kitchen, cr with hot water.

The cottage is usually reserved by groups during the peak season. Be sure to call to reserve in advance if you want to use the private cottage.

View from the Sagada HomestayHere is a short cut from the home stay to town.

Sagada HomestaySagada Homestay – very nice

sagada homestay kitchenThe kitchen

dining areaDining room tables.

plantThe Sagada Homestay – I like it!

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Sagada Homestay

Oct 10, 2010

13 responses to “Sagada Homestay”

  1. wow dp,
    i love the place. and the house has a great feel to it with all the wood. almost scandinavian. very warm and cosy feel. great pics mate.
    keep up the great work. BW Dave

  2. DP,

    What a great place to stay in its just like home…you sure do find some great places to stay at in your travels around the Philippines…I’m back over in Palawan on the 14th of November.


  3. Hi,do you have any email addresses for accomadation at banaue

  4. Hi! Would you know the number of Homestay? i wanted to make a reservation.

  5. I stayed there for for 12 hours and the owner was so accommodating, very nice rooms, hot water for the shower also.. and very affordable. thumbs for Sagada Home Stay.

  6. Bonjour, je cherche l’adresse e mail du Sagada Homestay pour faire une réservation depuis la France. Pouvez-vous me communiquer cette adresse ?

  7. very lovely indeed! i am looking forward to visit there one day…it’s been years the first time i visited ambasing sagada…thatwas 23 years ago.i wouldlove to buy a small residential lot.

  8. Their email address is:

    Happy travels!

  9. Do they have amenities like towel, shampoo and soap?

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