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  1. Thank you so much! I have been looking for info on the fares from Matnog to Samar! I am planning my own trip to Samar so I have been heavily relying on internet resources.

    I was just wondering, how long is the trip from Matnog to Allen? Is it true that ferries leave the port every hour, everyday? Thanks again. :)

  2. Hi there, good info. At least I know how my girlfriend travelled all the way from Manila to Catbalogan. I’m planning to reach SAMAR but by domestic flight from MANILA.

    Do you have any advice on:-

    1. Which flight lands at Tacloban
    2. Estimate price
    3. Reliable hotels at Tacloban and Catbalogan


  3. With your permission, can I save your number? I’m coming in April to visit for the 1st time TACLOBAN. Cheers

  4. Hi dp,

    I’m coming soon and probably will try to stay at the Maqueda Bay hotel and see how it goes. One thing I find it hard is to find online car rentals going from Tacloban airport to Catbalogan. Any tips? I would prefer a private car for 2 passengers..thanks dp

  5. hi there..i was wondering if there is a ferry coming from sorsogon to cebu…can you pls help me get the info about it including the fares….
    thanks & ill be very thankfull if you reply…

  6. hi, found your site through http://www.mytripjournal.com. we’re heading off to Catbalogan on Dec. how often do you take people ‘cave exploring’ or I think they call it ‘spelunking’(not really sure about the term, never done it before)? also, how much is your rate per person?

    please e-mail me back, thanks.


  7. Do you know about the ferry to Capul? Times and so forth?

  8. Hi I just want to ask how must will it cost if i have a StarEx van? pls do txt me asap. my number is 0928-2485665. ^_^

  9. Allen to Matnog.

  10. Just saw this fantastic post. Planning a trip to the North Samar area this summer. San Antonio Island and the places near Biri have caught my eye. Any experiance traveling and staying in these places? Do you remember seeing secluded beach huts for rent (like away from noisy traffic and such… although I don’t suppose there’s much of that in this area)?


  11. Ah, thanks so much! Great stuff. Keep it up.

  12. Dear sir, my family and I are planning to take a trip going to surigao, we will sure pass matnog port and allen port in going there. We sure would like some help if you can email to me how much is the existing price for a FX vehicle and how much is the persons fee both adult and children aging from 4 to 12 years old. This has been our problem coz we want to know how much we need to prepare or if we the cost will fit our budget in going home. Thanks very much for your help, God bless!

  13. We are planning to travel by land with our own car.Can you advise us how much each person fare in the ferry boat and the fee for the car from Lipata, Surigao to Liloan, Leyte then from Allen,Samar to Matnog. Thanks for accomodating me here. Can you give us an idea to what hotel you can recommend us to stay in Samar. Thanks again..

  14. How long po ang travel via from Allen Samar to Tacloban?
    How much is the fare?
    Thank you.

  15. hello po.merry christmas…tanong ko lang po kung magkano ang fare ng lancer from matnog to allen..thank you very much po.

  16. Need some help…I would like to ask….how much is the ro-ro fare if I have a Mitsubishi Adventure…Cagayan to Cebu?and are the ro-ro’s available…?

  17. Hi. Just want to ask how much it cost if we send L300 from matnog to leyte, or samar?

  18. Hello everyone it would be nice to post your experience as well as information you get during your travel for anyone can see I am planning also to travel with my whole family with our delica mitsubishi this april to surigao I will try to post once i got mine

  19. Hi I am planning on moving to Tacloban in November with my wife and daughter (she is from there) I was thinking of buying a van in Manila and driving down. Would you recomend that? My other 2 options would be buying one in Cebu and ferrying over or just flying into tacloban and buying somthing there? I was guessing I could find the best price on somthing in manila. Who runs the ferries from luzon to samar? Do they have a websight?

  20. Some info maybe that is helpful i will post it here for people traveling by cars:

    Vans/Pick-up- P 2500
    Passengers adult – 300
    Children – 150
    Terminal Fee- 16

    Lipata- San Ricardo Leyte ( 1 hour ferry ride)

    Vans/pick-up – 2100
    passengers adult- 129
    children – 64.50
    PPA- 50
    terminal Fee 16

  21. Hello dutchpickle,

    I viewed your very nice response to the queries.
    I would like to know how much is the cost for ferrying an Isuzu Forward Truck from Matnog to Samar or Leyte. It is 20 ft. long including the cowl and weighs around 3 tons more or less. What are the documents that will be needed aside from the truck’s original CR and OR? From either Samar or Leyte, how much is the cost of ferrying the truck to its ultimate destination in Surigao City?
    What will your recommend, Matnog to Samar or Matnog to Leyte route. Please cite the route which is nearer to Surigao City.

    I just bought this truck yesterday and will deliver it to Misamis Oriental via the land route and by ferry boats. I need your answer fast. Please respond asap.

    Thank you very much.

  22. Hello, if you are too busy to answer my question, please direct me to those who can. Thank you.

  23. Hi,

    I need help, plannign this holy week ( April 2012) travel manila to Samar, do you idea how much its cost for AUV, matnog to allen. my no is

    thank you, appreciate help..


  24. hi,

    ask ko lang po yung mga docs needed sa sasakyan kapag sasakay ng ferry.
    we’re planning to get my wife’s vehicle from davao to laguna.


  25. magkano po pamasahe galing matnog to cebu?? then ano po sched ng byahe??thanks po..need to know asap..

  26. hi, we’re planning to go to cebu ( bogo) by car from naga city,camarines sur. as i was informed we will take the roro (Roll On Roll Off) from matnog to allen,samar. then from samar ano po ba ang susunod na town or port to cebu? hope and pray you’ll have time to reply me po. thank you so much.happy summer po!

  27. how much po ang starex van allen to matnog?

  28. 24/7 po ba ferry boat?ty.

  29. meron po bang byahe going to matnog from allen on march 29, 2013 (good friday)

  30. Hello Sir: I’m going for a trip from Manila to Samar using my own car. Can I be permitted to aboard my car on a ferry using the photocopy of my OR-CR only? The original documents of my car is in the bank because its a loan. However, it’s in my name. Please advise me.
    Thanks a lot.

  31. Hi! we’re planning a trip to Southern Leyte via RORO what is the easiest trip besides Matnog- Allen? Also, we are planning on taking 2 dogs with us, one is a labrador retriever (Large breed) and the other one is a chowspitz mix (Medium size dog). What documents do we need to present? and how much does it usually costs? (i.e: quarantine permit for dogs) do they allow pets on board? Thank you! You’re response will be very much appreciated.


  32. Good pm po ask kolang mag kano bayad sa ferry ng nissan sentra axalta, dalawa po kami mag kano lahat ang bayad sama yong get pass plan po namin nov 7 2013 at mga schedule allen to matnog time salamat po Good Bless

  33. Magkano po bayad toyota innova pag nag cross matnog to samar, then leyte to surigao? Thank you.

  34. Hi dp,
    Pagkatapos nang pananalasa ng bagyong Yolanda, OK pa rin ba kaya ang roadtrip from Manila to Calbayog. I am planning to take my family after christmas with my innova (for the first time) but I am thinking na maybe ay hindi na advisable/enjoyable ang roadtrip dahil sa mga sirang kalsada (maybe). Gusto ko lang kumuha ng opinyon kasi this will be my first to samar by land. kaya naghahanap ng mga ideas about the trip. salamat po. Nestor

  35. Good day!

    Ask lang po ako schedule of ferry from port of allen to matnog.


  36. Magkano po ang fees ng van at isang US driver license po at 2 passenger?
    Ok po ang driver license as bakasyunista po mga 2 weeks pa lang po ang arrival form US. Puwede pong drive ng van na current rehistro at kahit rent a car lang or iba ang name ng nasa rehistro sa driver po.? pls. call or email

  37. Hi Dutchpickle, congrats on the long string of Q&As here. That only means this is a great site for people who want to know, and you’ve answered quite a lot. Kudos!

    Anyways, I would like to ask maybe you have now recent ferry/barges schedule from Matnog to Allen, and from Ormoc to Cebu? It would also help if you have the fares as well. I know from previous posts that you don’t have them at hand, but just maybe you have them now. ;-)

    I am planning to buy a vehicle in Makati, a Nissan Almera and use the Pan Philippine Highway up to Ormoc by September or October 2014.

    Thanks for your time.

    God bless!

  38. Hi DP,

    Good Day! I just wanted to ask how much is the RORO cost/s from Matnog to Alen (and vice versa) because my family is planning for a trip this December going to Leyte. We will be using a Suzuki Multicab and we are 5 passengers. Have read the comments thread here, but quite unsure if still applicable on this year since rates are from 2011 and previous. Please clarify also my understanding that aside from the Roro fee for the vehicle itself, we also have to pay terminal fee for each passenger?

    Please I need a reply. Thank you! Here is my number. Thanks!

  39. Dear DP,

    Thank you for your very informative site. I would like to ask some questions regarding our planned trip (by car) rom Alabang to Cebu province.

    1. We intend to stay for the night near the ruins.
    A. What time should we leave Alabang to be able to arrive in Legazpi so that we will have enough time to roam around the area.
    B. What time should we leave Cagsawa ruin area so that we will reach Matnog at a time (5am or 7am) when “regular” ferry schedules starts to operate?
    C. In the alternative, should we decide to skip the tour in Cagsawa, when are we suppose to arrive ideally in Matnog? Place to stay and eat dinner in Matnog? Activities to do in Matnog? Or would you rather have us take the first available ferry to Allen the moment we arrive in Matnog and stay in an Allen hotel for the night? Any hotel suggestion?

    2. I assume that we will reach Leyte around 12noon more or less after crossing San Juanico Bridge from Allen.
    A. How is the road condition for this segment of the journey.
    B. Any suggestion where to eat for lunch where we can also wash up?
    C. What are our available options going to Cebu in terms of which port to take the ferry ride? Main criteria is frequency and regularity of available trips to Cebu (would you know the specific time) then next consideration will be the the travel time to Cebu.

    3. From Cebu, we intend to go to Bohol. Should we decide to skip Cebu for this segment, which port in Leyte should we go to for us to go to Bohol directly. Same considerations in 2C above.

    Thank you very much for your time and Happy Holidays!

  40. DP
    im planning to take my car (vios) from dasmarinas cavite to bogo via matnog-allen route.
    ask k lng hw much fare now for the car? ive got 2 kids my wife and my mom is it still 120 as ive read from previous posts.
    And from allen where should I stop for the ferry to polambato port in bogo. tnx in advance.. ill w8 for your reply….

  41. Hi dutchpickle! I would like to ask if documents are required/permit to travel is required for the dogs? We’re planning to leave for Samar on May. Please reply. Thank you!

  42. Good afternoon po! Hello DP! Ask ko lang po if may biyahe ng ferry today or tomorrow? We are planning to go to Samar today. Looking forward for your reply. Thank you and God bless.

  43. Hi dp,

    I was so blessed i found this…very informative yet i need more info I’m from cebu and planning for a bicol trip i hardly search information using the route to allen samar. My usual route and know how is bogo cebu-cataingan masbate then pilar sorsogon and very costly ROUTE 15k back and forth with car. Now i overheard that cebu to allen then matnog are very cheap way. I am very desperate looking for an answer. Our schedule is tomorrow takeoff please reply for guidanc. I need to know how can i get there cheap from cebu to bicol using allen route vice versa using a roro…

    Thank you

  44. Hello DP,

    I will be traveling to Tac this Friday. I’ll be bringing my 2 small dogs.. 2 kilos and 1 kilo, small breed lang sila. I have their papers and health Cert. Would the port require a permit to travel from Bureau of Animals? quarantine or how? Please advise me so I know what to prepare.

    Thank you so much.



  45. Hi! 24 hours po ba ang schedule ng ferries from allen, samar to matnog, sorsogon?

  46. Hello DP,

    May I know how much is the ferry fee for toyota Vios and each passenger if crossing from Manog to Allen Samar? Do i need to bring any vehicle documents? Thanks in advance.

    Jojo S.

  47. sir, how much po fare ng mux van from matnog to allen port.. pwede po ba credit or debit card?.. 6 adults po kaming passengers? how much din po fares now?.. any affordable hotels in allen? thanks po

  48. Hi DP! Ask ko lang how much na ang fare from Allen to Matnog via Boat. And until what time ang pinaka-last na trip going to Matnog. We’ll be in Biri and decided to go sa Sorsogon and Albay. Thanks! :)

  49. hi there..i was wondering if there is a ferry coming from sorsogon to surigao port…can you pls help me get the info about it including the fares….

    Thank you!

  50. hi there..i was wondering if there is a ferry coming from Matnog sorsogon to surigao port…can you pls help me get the info about it including the fares….

    Thank you!

  51. Hi dp-trust your good today.. I’m traveling with my Ford Everest, do you have idea how much i could pay for the roro rate from Matnog Port off Allen.

    Kind Regards,

  52. Hello DP.. Just wanna ask if you do have any idea how much would a fortuner cost from Allen to Matnog? or do you have some contact numbers of the port or the shipping lines mismo? Salamat..

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