Around Town Catbalogan

philippines-mpic-001Catbalogan Samar

I plan to be in Catbalogan 4 more months so am going to put up some everyday pictures here and add to them periodically.

This is the road coming in to town from the north. The highways in Samar are getting paved this year making travel in Samar a dream.

Charitos Restaurant Catbalogan

Update: I just drove down to Leyte from Catbalogan yesterday and the road is almost completely paved. What a joy it is to cruise that road now!

catbalogan-tricycle-010Here is a jam up of tricycles waiting for the parade to go by.

catbalogan-tricycle-003Rochelle gives a wave.

catbalogan-tricycle-001Graduating college students marching by.

Catbalogan tricyclesHere are a few pictures taken in Nov 2010.

tricycles in CatbaloganThese tricycles are everywhere – low noise and low pollution – fare in town is 4 pesos.

St Bartholomew Catholic ChurchSt Bartholomew Catholic Church

Catbalogan communication towersThese communication towers are on the hill south of town as you come up from Leyte.

buying shoes – youtube video of the local shoe store


Dec 15, 2008

5 responses to “Around Town Catbalogan”

  1. hello dp am from the u.k and from your web site you seem to know a lot about samar and layte i will be comming out that way 2010 on a budget for a while could you recomend some cheap accomadation have you ever heard of decobeam cable tv any info i would be truely grateful for hope to hear from you soon kind regards christine

  2. hello dp thanks for your reply as said before i am comming out to the philippines some time next year and will be arriving at cebu/mactan airport staying in cebu for a short while then i plan to move around between layte and catbalogan samar i shall be doing some research on family history decobeam cable tv services is on rizal avenue catbalogan if you e-mail me i could give you more info on that as its more personnal i have been to the philippines before i got very ill and was in hospital i stayed at the cebu centuary hotel and thay looked after me very good thats about all for now hope to hear from you soon christine

  3. hello again dp thanks for your info sorry i have not been in touch with you sooner and would just like you to know i have not forgot you i love your web site its very interesting to me yes i would like to meet up with you when i get to the philippines and i will give you a text or call it will not be untill some time in 2010 just to let you know i am an english lady {not philippina} but there is a conection i will let you know all about it in due course have a merry christmas and a happy new year thank you my kind regards christine

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