Basey Church

basey-church-004.jpgBasey Samar

The historic Basey Catholic church makes this town stand out from other seaside villages in Samar.

basey-church-001.jpgThe church is well maintained and holds a special significance for Catholics. The Spanish really went to town building churches when they were in charge of the Philippines.

basey-church-002.jpgFollowers of Joseph Smith (Mormons) are making conquests of their own and have this first class structure just up the street.

Looking at the religion behind the churches does not frighten me like it does for many. It’s amazing how successful this religion is. The whole golden plate story with the hieroglyphics delivered by angels is mystifying.

One thing is certain, the Mormons are very dedicated to spreading the “word” and are very convincing judging by the amount of followers they get.

I like their idea that the American Indians are descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. How cool!

basey-church-018.jpgThe Catholic church has a few practices that don’t seem to make sense to me. The Basey church or St. Michael the Archangel Church of Basey is a certified church where indulgences can be procured by saying Hail Marys and Our Fathers and giving alms.

See if you can magnify the whole declaration at the left.

I was explaining to my girlfriend that you can buy a ticket to heaven at this place. She was interested in who got the money and I suggested perhaps the Pope.

Although she is a member of the Iglesia Catolica National she wasn’t sure who the Pope was and asked me if I meant “Pofe” the Magic Dragon.

That’s one of her favorite Peter, Paul, and Mary karaoke tunes.

basey-church-023.jpgYes I agreed, it was most likely that “Pofe” the Magic Dragon got the money.

It was significant to me that this declaration was pinned on the door of the church in the same manner as Martin Luther manifesto.

If I am not mistaken, he had a problem with buying candles and praying to statues and paying off priests to gain salvation or whatever.

basey-church-012.jpgFigurines are very important in the Catholic tradition. I am no scholar but I seen to remember something in my Sunday school days about the golden calf and praying to other poly resin figures not being an effective form of meditation.

basey-church-010.jpgWhile we are on the subject of poly resin I must admit that these plastic windows were a lot less work to make than stained glass.

Functional beauty – notice the louvers on the sides. Very clever!

…and very beautiful!

basey-church-011.jpgThese windows really look great!

By the way if anyone reads this page and is annoyed by point of view, feel free to post in the comment section at the end of the page, and I will be happy to add your point of view. (As long as it is on topic – I don’t want to get into Buddhism or Islam or whatever but feel free to write your views on the forum if you like.)

basey-church-006.jpgBasey is best visited as a day trip from Tacloban in Leyte because there is not much available in the form of lodging in this town.

You could combine it with a trip to Guiuan and Marabut. The whole south Coast of Samar is easy going and scenic.

basey-church-005.jpgChurch bells…

basey-church-016.jpgView of Basey from the church.

basey-church-025.jpgIf you have differing views you want added, no worries. Just make them original – not cut and paste from other websites, because that will annoy my friend that hosts this site for me.

Basey Church

Aug 28, 2008

5 responses to “Basey Church”

  1. it’s awesome isn’t it??? that’s because of the effort made by our parish priest and the full support of taga basay….thanks to them and to you who featured our place.. in your site..

    i guess your site is a joomla! made website… how did i know it? its because its one of our lesson’s now…

  2. yes.. that’s why when I first saw your site..I can’t help but to visit it and put a comment on it..

    Many tourists do not recognize yet how beautiful Samar is… and you can tell your friends in catbalogan or in your country to visit the place.

  3. everyone should visit this place basay….. it must be known that a historic place be visited always specially the sohoton cave it has…..

  4. I love visiting that Church myself…. I find it interesting that the Church was built like a Military Fort……. After doing a bit of research, i discoverd that it was built originaly as a Spanish Fort, against the Moro pirates, then a convent allowed to be built onto it, Later the Soldiers left, and the Church took over the Fort, eventualy building the Bell tower onto it, and making everything beautiful…so cool…. There is even a stone watch tower on the far hill built by the Spanish to watch the approach to Basey, so the Pirates could not surprise the town,.

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