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  1. It mismerise my young time in all the images of the pictures. My very good friend they all live in
    Basay Samar across from downtown Tacloban.

    very nice photos


  2. Hi, I am from San Juan Lavezares, and I am very happy to see the photo of the place where I grow up. Thank you!

  3. hello,

    is that you elsie, arthur’s mom? pls. respond this is marisa his aunt in arizona…


  4. Excellent pics and info DP, we will be there next month, sounds fasinating and carn’t wait to see these rock formations.

    Looks like many people on the boat so maybe we just bring one bike over. Hope the hotel still operating.

    From the map guess its just a short trip from Allen so not out of our way at all, any idea how often the boat runs, schedule or just when its full….

    Again we are getting so much info from yourself and readers the site is a real god send.


  5. been going to biri since 1990 , i am married to a local girl , so i might be able to help out with any questions on biri island . if you go to google and put in biri island then hit on travbuddy , then hit on blogs , this will help you out . my blog is ” the beginning ” ralph adams has a great blog ” first trip to biri ” there are other blogs as well . the de’blue water resort [ in dp pics ] is located in palhugan which is 20 mins walk from biri [5 mins by m bike ] , my wife owns villa amor in biri which has basic rooms for 500 pesos per night [ long stay 400 pesos per night ] . spectacular views so do not miss the sunset over a cold beveridge or two .
    dp , your a brave man travelling in the wet season , march thru to sept. is my preferred time . there are big waves from nov. thru to march .

  6. Hi!

    How much did you spend to get to Biri? It’s such a majestic place and I’m eager to go there, too. Will you please send me an itinerary to my email?

    I’d appreciate it very much.


  7. hi cherry , local boats are cheap to get to biri , go to the right hand side of the laverzares market , look for the boats marked BIRI ISLAND N SAMAR on the rear , they are running back and forth to biri most of the day . fare should be around fifty pesos , but more for large baggage , always negotiate the fare before boarding the boat or banca [ you dont want the boatman charging you for a special ] . the main ferry boats to biri leave around 1.00 pm , but might leave earlier if full . from manila to catarman , flights are 7 days a week now , check pal express or zest airlines , some good deals around on flights . from catarman airport to laverzares u can hire a trike [ good for 2 people ] or jeep if there is a crowd [jeep a 1000p and trike 400 to 500p ].
    hi dp never met ralph as yet , hoping this biri fiesta [ 23 , 24 , 25 june ] , if you or jonny are next in biri pitch your tent at villa amor , they have showers and toilets outside . anyone else wanting info on biri just mail me (jakerachel22 @ yahoo.com.au)
    accommodation on biri is cheap , non air con should be around 400 to 500p , try the hospital if thats too expensive or see jimmy garcia , he is the mayor of biri and he will find some rustic accommodation . best time to visit biri is around may june for the many fiesta’s .

  8. Hi Peter Montgomery! great web site, enjoyed the pics and info, many salamats.

    The place sounds great, also your hotel, we plan to stay there next month.

    Any up to date info you have on bringing 2 bikes over would be appreciated, these rock formations seem fantastic.

    The last time we went right around Samar was quite an adventure, now after reading about the wonderful experiences of DP and gathering much info I realise just how much we have missed.

    Wonder if we will catch you next month? Currently I am in Aussie but arrive Manila in a couple of days.

    Again thanks for your input.

  9. hi bruce [ and dp ]
    i will be arriving in biri on 22nd of june , the biri fiesta starts on 23 , 24 , 25 june , with the 25th of june being the major feast day , not a great day for the pig population of biri . now i will give you some other fiesta dates of the other barangays [ villages ]around biri . the 14 and 15 of may is the talisay fiesta , this is village closest to the rock formations , ask if lilly espinola is in attendace , she is a filipina from brisbane and important in talisay . next fiesta is in palhugan , it starts on the 17 ,
    18 ,19 of may [ palhugan is the village where the “de blue water resort” is located . next fiesta is at san pedro , 17 , 18 june , then its on to biri fiesta . with fiesta’s bruce , most likely you will be invited into so many homes that it will drive you mad !!! what i do is if i am not interested ” i grab my stomach and say ” MESUCKIT ” this will let your filopino host know you are sick [ after all you can only eat so much cold pork , drink so much tuba , rum , hot beer and dance the famous ” KARATSA ” .
    getting over to biri with the bikes should be no problem , remember the baggage boys in laverzares have to earn money as well so negotiate a price , maybe its the same in biri , 50 pesos per bike loading fee , should be enough .
    bruce if you stay at villa amor its 500 p per night or 400 p per night , long stay of 6 nights or more . no profit goes to me or my wife but it helps our family and our relatives and biri in general . for entertainment at night there is a karoke joint next door , another in biri town and another in palhugan . if in need of female company [ pity my wifes sister cristy is starting university in manila , another expense ] or whatever it most likely will find you , the islands out here are small and most people are related so new blood has to be introduced , biri island changed my life [ great sunsets , cold beer and warm girls , who needs boracay ] .
    when you arrive in biri try to look up badger he lives just down the road from me [ opposite the hospital ] , hes from the tweed and knows all the best dive , snorkel , fishing , and anything else you want to know about biri , he is one of the expat population and enjoys a beveridge around sundown .
    all the best bruce , hope to see on the 22nd of june .

    hi dp , i have an old habal habal and dream motor scooter but even the kids and dogs hide when i get behind the handlebars , do not foget the pintados fiesta in tacloban , starts june 28 or 29 i think , wear your old clothes .

  10. Hi Peter
    (and DP)

    I am Lindsay, Bruce’s brother and we will be riding together. Can’t agree more with the Boracay comment.

    Yes thank you for your great info Peter, I am really looking forward to visiting Biri. Guess we will have no probs bringing the bikes over. We will be staying at Villa Amor, haven’t yet fixed our schedule but guessing we arrive sometime in the third week of June.

    Peter can you give me a number to text so we can make a reservation? It the hotel likely to be booked out around this time?

    Gee. All those fiestas concentrated in such a small area… would test a blokes limits….

    Look forward to meeting you and Badger.



  11. hi lindsay
    i will let them know that you are comming , there english is not so good [ even tagalog is not so good ] . i will make sure that you get accommodation , even if its in the big house .
    while up in northern samar , cross over to san antonio – dalupiri island [ sometimes called san antonio island only ], this island has beautiful beaches and good for bike travel , best place to cross over is the town of san isidro [ about 20 mins travel time] . a few resorts on this island , but i dont know the prices . if visiting the hospital say hello to dr. gorrie and lady doctor gorrie , they use to be in biri and friends of our family [ amor family , yellow house , biri ].
    there are other islands off northern samar but much further out , capul and san vicente take about 2 hours i think , never been to them myself .
    ok lindsay and bruce , hoping to see you on the 22nd of june .
    regards peter montgomery

  12. DP

    great site! Thanks for all the info

    Thinking of heading to Samar next week from Manila.

    Hows the weather lately? Any word from the main island? would goin to the islands be a problem?

    thanks much


  13. Hi Peter

    Thanks, we appreciate that. As said not sure of the dates yet but will get back to you here on DP’s website when we get it figured out. I guess we will have a better idea sometime toward the end of this month (May) so keep an eye on this page.

    Thanks for your excellent info. We are both very keen to visit and look forward to seeing the sights and relaxing with the great sunsets, cold beer etc you mention….



  14. hi lindsay , will keep an eye on dp’s page , dont forget to bring a good snorkel and mask . yes i do have some gear at the villa but its been a year so i dont know what condition they are in ? will bring some cheap big w or k mart sets .
    read there is some worry about travel to the islands when the typhoons are about ? yes i have had some hair raising trips going out to biri and back , mainly because our boats or banca’s hug the islands and at the end of each island the waves build up on the points , also before entering the biri straight we are open to the pacific ocean , which then turns into a swirling washing machine . this type of weather is usually around october thru to march , this is the big wave season for biri .
    in june the ocean is generally like a sheet of glass , but remember last year when all those people lost their lives off negros , this was an early typhoon for the visayas .
    anyway all we can do is hope for the best . back in the 80′s i was traveling thru samar by bus and ended up spending 4 nights in san isidro ferry terminal[ alagrea ] waiting for a typhoon to pass . all part of the adventure .
    regards peter montgomery

  15. Hi Peter

    Yes remember that Sulpicio tragedy well. We were on Siquijor when the news broke. Less than a week later we were sailing via Masbate to Pilar. Sea was like glass as you say.

    Am I right in thinking Biri Island has no internet?



  16. Hi DP

    Yes, well aware of Sulpico’s appalling maritime safety record. Four majors. Very few shipping companies could equal it, anywhere in the world. Sadly I doubt if any concrete action will ever be taken to put a permanent stop to them. It could only happen………

    Glad to hear there is an email connection through the Biri phone system. I just need to keep an eye on business while in Fil. Bruce is having fun with his new laptop and wi fi modem, sending me emails while lurking in obscure bars in Cebu….

    Looking forward to seeing those rock formations on Biri. Enjoy that sort of thing. Yes we will want to give the bikes a good wash, we both have aluminium rims and salt water is not good for them. A squirt of WD40 is also a good thing, long as the brakes are avoided.

    I think your theory on valve stem failure is correct. I also agree that around 55psi would be adequate considering the loading, but no more. My guess is that you have Chinese made tubes that are prone to leaking at the joint (an inner tube is formed from an open ended rubber tube, lap-joined and bonded) With the loading you are running, the lap joint bond is fatiguing and a slow leak develops, pressure drops. With application of the rear brake the tyre starts to creep around the rim and soon after the valve stem gets ripped out.

    I am pretty familiar with valve stem failure and their replacement. I have a pretty wild off-road 4×4, it will spin the tyre and rip a valve stem off in the blink of an eye the moment the pressure gets below 10psi.

    A contributing factor to valve stem failure is that for some odd reason many Philippine motorcycle mechanics NEVER fit the locating nut on the valve stem. While fitting it won’t finally prevent the stem ripping out at low pressures, it will probably delay the event somewhat and maybe give the rider enough warning to stop.

    Nine flat tyres is rather character-building…. and no, I wouldn’t trust a habble-habble driver to take my girl friend 10m in the dark, never mind 10km. Riding three-up on a flat for 5km must have concentrated the mind wonderfully…

    We are bringing you some tubes that will stand up to the abuse you dish out to them.

    Yeah DP thanks for your word of caution concerning Ormoc riding practises. I had noticed that one riding there in the past, and developed the counter measure.



  17. Hi to you all. many thanks Peter for the heap of info on Biri and….female company there… I look forward to all aspects of Biri as does my brother lyn. Yes have been to quite enough fiestas so may pass on this one. Still the rest sounds great.

    DP I bought the little modem from smart P2000. Was using it at my apartment in Cebu until discovered…an unsecured wi fi connection close by….Much quicker and easier…cheaper

    Expect that on Biri it will be most useful, also many other areas. Was talking to a Filipino diver and he mentioned some other Island of Samar that has great snorkeling and diving, many sharks to be seen, even snorkeling..Guess black tips. Will text him and get the name as forgot

    Peter if your reading could you advise if any diving on Biri. probably not I think, anyway will bring a mask and snorkel.

    Great your dedication to people there especially the family of your wife, sounds like a second home. Lyn and I will be happy to share it for a few days…Seems like your a real gentleman.

    With this new modem and lap top it will be a huge benefit for our travels. really looking forward to the trip. Start in Dumaguete and end somewhere up in Luzon…..

    DP and peter thanks again for the input.


    yes there is a compresor and diving gear on biri , ralph adams knows all about it , badger has a great boat and he goes diving but none of the guys have dive tickets [ think ralph has ]. what biri needs is a person with a dive masters degree to teach or show the guys there how things are done properly . or better to set up a dive operation for tourists .

    heard on the biri bugle [ local biri gossip ] that their is a treasure exploration site out in the san beradino strait , some curious locals have been warned to stay away ? its probably another urban ledgend about the lost manila galleons i suppose ?

    bad luck you are not at villa amor now , a couple of angeles “hose” are staying there and helping out the local boys , with money , drinks , etc . funny how things turn out in life , these girls have foreign boyfriends who give them money for sex and these same girls give money to their filipino boyfriends for sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my workman there at the villa are a bit distracted by two beautiful filipino girls walking around in “t backs” , not a usual sight on biri .

    dont forget the biri fiesta on 23 , 24 , 25 june and then finish it off in tacloban at pintados fiesta [ wear the old clothes ]

    yes bruce i have helped my wifes family , but they have given me more then i could have ever hoped for in return . they gave me a life .

    when we built the villa i was punting well at the time , but we gamblers have an eleventh commandant [ christians only 10 ] and this commandant is
    “the punt giveth and the punt taketh away”

    if you are still in negros about the third week in october , do not miss the maskara fiesta , this is my favourite .

    have heard there is a good beach just before mapanas in north eastern samar , u guys might check it out for me , on google it looks like its just before a headland on entering mapanas comming from palapag ?

    all for now , its 4 weeks till we fly off to manila , so am getting excited , can nearly taste that first miguel at the local zoo , yes its the l a cafe !!!!

    regards peter montgomery

  19. hi dp
    yes there are many funny story’s to be heard in the p. i.
    biri island is no exception , these are just some of those funny happenings .
    my wife’s cousin , we will call him boy “a” ,
    has a local girlfriend who just happens to have a husband foreigner who has built her a nice home in biri town , she calls boy “a” her relative and general helper around the home , soon as the foreigner goes back to his country , boy “a” is back on stud duty with old mate’s wife .
    miley is from biri but lives in oz and works hard to send money back to set up a home , educate / clothe properly all the relatives etc. . the relatives waste all the money at the cock fights , drinking and parties . miley writes back asking how little ronaldo is going at school , little ronaldo is living in a nippa hut , never been to school and dressed in rags .
    last fiesta a filipino guy got too drunk and knocked over some tables at the dance , another filipino decides to even up the score , goes home and gets a bolo and cuts the drunks head off [ not in front of the dancers ],to my knowledge the bolo boy is still in biri jail , doing odd jobs for the local police , like fetching the water and watching porno movies .
    [note - police asked my wife if they could use her didigtal camera to record the evidence of the headless man !!!!!!!!! ]

    many years ago i was sitting outside the swaggman hotel in manila talking to the local watch / sunglass salesman
    me – how much profit on each sale of a watch ?
    salesman – about 200p.
    me – what are you going to do with all your money ?
    salesman – go to russia and get a white prostitute .
    me – you want a white women instead of a filipina ?
    salesman – yes why not .
    me – boy are you in for a surprise [ end of conversation ]

    another afternoon in the l a cafe , i am sitting beside a yank who just happens to be flying out to guam that night , we are sharing what looks like a small barrel of beer . he has his girlfriend with him .
    me – where did you meet your girl ?
    yank – here , got her to go out and change some money for me
    me – large amount ?
    yank – 300 us
    me – and she came back !
    yank – yep , figure she is an honest girl and we have been together most of this holiday .
    now he has a taxi waiting to take him to the airport and the driver keeps comming in and reminding him time is short . we get another barrel and keep drinking .
    me – mate you better get going or you will miss your flight .
    yank – ah stuff it , i will cancel the taxi / flight , where else can you live like this .

    leaving the l a cafe i turn left down del pilar and some old memories come flooding back , there was the AUSTRALIAN CLUB , ROLLS BEER GARDEN ACROSS THE STREET , BUBBLES AND SUPERSTAR DOWN THE ROAD , RAYMONDS FAST FOOD . now only rats and squatters inhabit the place . alfreodo lim you are the idiot of the century .

    regards peter montgomery

  20. Hi Peter

    Been here in Cebu this last week, rode up from Dumaguete. Had a few cold ones with dp last night at the Kuckoos Nest.

    We are on the road tomorrow to Bohol, spend a few days there then over to Ormoc Leyte and on over to Samar. Trip around Samar then over to Luzon for a bit. Back to Samar and Biri, probably reach there around 18 June. Will update accordingly on this page.

    Best Regards


  21. hi lindsay
    will keep an eye on this site , we are arriving manila on the 18th june , biri island 22nd i hope .
    peter montgomery

  22. Hey guys, reading your posts makes me want to go home to Biri. yeh, i went scuba diving in Biri with badger last christmas – really great fun – no tickets, was my first time scuba diving – had three dives – between 30 and 40 metres deep. yeh badger is a real cowboy – in fact we joke that we are the founding members of BIDI (biri island diving institute).

  23. hey bill
    long time no see , i wont be going back to biri at christmas again as too much rain .
    should be in the l a cafe on this thursday night , hope i do not end up with what p j got !!!!
    the family and i will head down to biri on monday the 22nd june .
    tim is in biri and has been waiting for me to arrive , i will have to put razor wire around the house .
    will have a san mig for you at the biri fiesta , big crowd of foreigners comming i believe ?
    regards peter montgomery

  24. Hi Peter
    We are at Biri staying at your place, just got here. Man that damn pumpboat could use a decent exhaust silencer. I know they are always noisy but that particular one was an ear-splitter.

    The staff have made us most welcome, we are in the fan rooms. We bought the bikes over, P50ea to load and P50 to unload and the boat fee P750 one way. Not too bad and the guys are real friendly.

    We were going to arrive here a week later but we had a schedule change and will go on to Luzon after we leave here. Met up with dp in Catbalogan and his mate Joni. Really enjoyed the company, had a nice time.

    Tomorrow will go to the rock formations, today just laze about a bit, later go looking for Badger.



  25. thanks for the bubbles and the “hanging five” tip DP,

    badge and I are pals for many years on biri island. if you log on to http://www.northernsamartravel.com you can see us in action on my private resort on “cagnipa Island” right next to biri island. I am starting to build a proper website to share this little island. cagnipa island is a few hundred metres from biri. ive been slowly building a diving and party resort on the western part of the island – own most of that part of the island so we can do whatever we like. no people on the island really. we have a great big salt water swimming pool made with bricks of sand coral and cement – the salt water pool comes in handy when we catch lots of fish – we throw them in the pool to keep them fresh. we have a 200 feet concrete pier for our boats. a resident waray (local) rock band plays great rock classics the “filipine way” using electric guitars, drums and PA system. yeh, lots of rum fuelled parties are had on “cagnipa”. The diving around the island is magnificent – just walk to the end of the pier and jump in to the reef – current is a little tricky at times, but if you’re careful things are cool. anyway DP, enough of “cagnipa”, talking about the place makes me want to get up and leave this cold and miserable winter here in aussieland, but I got to work here to make more money to finish the resort.


  26. thanks bruce and lindsay for helping my fil family , the money you gave them helps many people . we need more tourists to visit biri and in turn this has a bounce on affect to the whole community .
    i heard one rider took a tumble , so i hope everything is o k now ????????????
    i am arriving in manila with the family on the 18th june . staying one night then taking a mate up to sin city [ angeles ]for 2 nights , we are staying at the pacific breeze hotel so if in the area call in for a beveridge .
    once again hope your journey is going well , you guys are like che guevera and the motorcycle diaries .
    all the best
    peter montgomery jakerachel22@yahoo.com.au

  27. hey bruce,

    yeh, they all slowly go deaf there – i remember building my first boat in biri – “cagnipa 1″ – new motor, new roof, padded seats and a big exhaust silencer. after one week, no padded seats and my new exhaust silencer disconnected. you see I think the islanders think that the louder the boat the faster it goes!!!


  28. hi peter,

    yeh, long time between catching up mate. that “PJ” – he’s like a kid in a candy bar when in the LA Cafe -just can’t help himself. me too, am sick of biri at xmas, sooooo much rain. anyway, enjoy it there while I’m freezing down under.


  29. thanks DP,

    I have so much to put on the web site, it will take at least 12 months to complete – I have been to all the islands I have mentioned on the site – they all are great, and I promised myself i will go back with a photographer and laptop and finish the first major travel book of northern samar.

    later mate.

  30. Hi Peter

    Yes, I took a dive off the bike coming back from the rock formations. Was gazing about and missed the rut the front wheel went into. Banged up the right knee, your staff were very good with the hot water. Couldn’t ride next day as the knee would not bend so we took a boat (with the bikes) to Matnog. Got a local to ride mine to Sorgason while I took a bus. Had an xray at the hospital, nothing broken. Still swollen but I can ride, we are currently in Legaspi waiting for the typhoon to blow away.

    Hope Angeles provided it’s usual service and hospitality, been a while since I’ve been there.

    Bill I laughed at your pumpboat experience. For sure it’s a waste of time and money providing a decent exhaust system or comfortable seats. With ear damage caused by exhaust noise and over-amplified karaoke I think many Filipino pumpboat travelers will be saying “What?” more often than any other words…



  31. Agree Biri is a hell of a place, loved the rock formations there. Bit of a sand ride to get there but well worth the trip. The island was quiet and at our time no other long noses were around…

    Unfortunately we were not able to stay long as Lyn took a bit of tumble and needed to get to Sorsogon quite quickly.

    By the way to pay Pay P500 for a special ride to Biri I think is cheap….Its a great deal and boat owners would make little money unless return passengers which usually is not the case

  32. Hi DP,

    In answer to you wondering what happened to my cushion seats for my boat, I think they are doing the “allen to lavesares” jeepney run – that is, they are probably being used as seats for the jeepneys!!
    Anyway DP, we have a dutch guy “roger” coming over to my little resort in august to do some diving and underwater filming so I may have some good footage coming.
    regards. bill

  33. hi dp , bruce , bill and ben [ flower pot men]
    just checking to see if this mail goes thru , last time it didnt , probably my computer ?
    dont worry ben , bebe is still waiting for you , maybe her brother might be a problem thou !!!!!!!! . my mistake , it was not pj who ended up with the pox from the l a cafe but some other guy ?
    heard lyn took a bad fall at magasang , hope all is well now bruce ?
    will try and get this mail off now and if successfull send off my impressions [ ravings ] on the june / july trip to the p i .
    regards peter montgomery
    ps watched my team the titans flog the broncs live on friday night , got to love your winter in oz .

  34. hi dp,
    do you have tips for Biri Island? best time to visit? places to stay? am planning to visit the place anytime August or September


  35. Dear Gentlemates,
    We, me and my wife Joy, have beeen looking for a way to communicate with guys like you who like Biri and we feel fortunate that we came across this blog/website.
    We own the piece of property along the beach in Bari-is near the town proper, the one that can be seen from the sea with the big red J-O-Y letters on the roof. We only recently started to rent out the few rooms for P700 a night and will continue doing so because we go to stay there only occassionally (fiestas, some summer days). The rooms are all air-conditioned and you can use the generator for when the local power is shut off at night, you just buy the fuel for it. We are also inclined to selling the entire beachfront property for P5M negotiable and/or pay comissions to any broker, group or otherwise. Intesrested parties please e-mail directly or contact us thru cp# 09188888007.

    Roger & Joy

  36. Hi DP,
    I see your receiving lots of enquiries about Biri Island, I’m Rick from Biri I missed you when you camped out at Ralphs place our place is just up from Ralphs on the left heading to Badger’s place.
    Myself and my better half Rose we also have accommodation our Resort is Biri Island Resort anyone can check out our place and our rooms on http://www.biriresort.com it has info on other places to stay as well as our own and some info on Biri Island itself. We are always updating it, so its constantly changing we are building galleries so if anyone wants to add anything to our site they can do.
    We hope to see you some time when you’re heading back to Biri, the guys there now a superb lot when I go there I never want to leave.

    Best Regards

  37. hi roger and joy

  38. hi roger and joy [again]

    trying a different computer to write this up as something amiss with the one in my office .

    maybe i can help you with a potential buyer of your resort [ thats what your selling isnt it ? ]. his name is ron and is married to jocelyn evangilista , when in biri they live opposite to bill and mercy from australia . in early july ron was willing to spend around peso 3 million for ocean front lot and house . now you want peso 5 million for the quality joy resort , so maybe there is a price in between that yourselves and ron can make a deal on ?
    as i said ron was a buyer in early july , maybe he has already purchased land from someone else ? who knows ?
    i lost ron’s cell phone no. in australia but jocelyn’s parents will have it , if not try bill and mercy across the road , or some of the other foreigners in biri .
    no i am not looking for any commission or spotters fee but i would like to see ron buy your place in bari-is .
    all the best roger and joy , hoping to meet up one day.
    regards peter and vilma [amor] montgomery

  39. hi dexter
    if you have read all the above , there are plenty of places to stay in biri . yes august / september is a great time to visit . unless you are a surfer i would avoid december / january as there is a lot of rain at this time . if you have any specific questions just mail me on (jakerachel22 @ yahoo.com.au) .
    for best beaches try tawi tawi , palhugan , salvacion , soliran picnic point , markarit , biri headland [ talisay side ] , visit the rock formations on the talisay side and swim in the many rock pools , bel – lot is the best .
    wanting to meet some good local filipinas , just stay in biri for a while .
    have a great holiday
    regards peter montgomery

  40. computer check again

  41. hi roger and joy

    sorry mate , i hear ron has found another vendor closer to biri ? good luck in the future .

    regards peter montgomery

    hi ben

    just back from your state , falls creek actually . talked to malthouse and buckly and they tell me that a 70 kg ruckman is what collingwood realy need ! so hang by the phone , only joking .

    while holidaying in biri , gma television stopped at the villa ,[ no bull ], heard they were looking for the evil kinevil of northern samar . i told them about the motor bike stunt and they were impressed !
    they asked where they might find this stuntman , i said you will have to be quick as his dad is after him as he use to own the motorbike ?

    no did not dance at this years fiesta , they dont let pensioners in . there not going to laugh at me anymore at my poor attempts at KARATSA and PANTAMINA .

    i dont have any problem with badger , but my wife says he has very strong killee killee power .

    now on a serious note , there is a scam being worked outside the L A CAFE , when you exit the front door of the cafe a young girl will accost you , wanting to go back to your hotel . all good , NO ,these girls look very young [ legal age in the p i is 18 ]. if you want to spoil your xmas holiday just take up the offer . heard its cost some foreigners big bucks . ask yourself why are these girls not inside the club???????

    yes you have to be carefull with r. and that san pedro / palhugan bakada . a couple of foreigners in biri are very very lucky guys [ no not you ben ]” you do not insult a filipino ” or your life will be in grave danger !!!!!!!!!!!!! its there country , we are only guests .

    all the best .
    regards peter montgomery

  42. Hello All,

    I’ve enjoyed reading the posts here and am glad that there is a place where those interested in Biri can all touch base. I am returning to the Philippines on 10/2 and should be down to Biri by mid October.

    Roger and Joy, I toured your place earlier in the year and was very impressed. You did a great job. Do you have and pictures you could send along with general information about the place? Who knows, I might run across a buyer for you. My email is (ralphadamsproperties @ gmail.com.)


    Ralph Adams

  43. Hey DP,

    It was great meeting you. I’ll be on Biri most of the winter but hope to do a little island hopping as well. Hope to run into you somewhere along the way. You’re always welcome at our place.



  44. Hello All,
    We were very busy with another business venture the past two months. Sorry for not having replied to your mails sooner.

    Dear Mr. Montgomery,

    Thanks for the info on Ron. Sad that he found another place. Happy for him that it’s closer to town. Guess it wasn’t meant. We could’ve settled for 3.5M spot cash. 4M if in terms but the downpayment can not be lower than 2M, and the 2M balance payable within 6 mos. (this includes the lot and building and all fixed improvements and the airconditioners only. furnishings and equipment are excluded.) In case someone does put up the cash, we’ll have to ask for a grace period of max two months before they move in during which time we’ll build a house in the lot across the road for Joy’s mother to transfer to.

    Well, maybe we’ll have better luck next time as you said.
    Again, thanks and we look forward to meeting you in the island someday.

    Dear Mr. Adams,

    Thank you also for your reply. I tried e-mailing pictures of the property to your gmail ad last night but this morning i found the mail in the drafts again, so right now I’m not sure what to do to get through. Yes, the property is still up for grabs, so to speak, at terms i mentioned to Mr. Montgomery above. You’ll note we’ve lowered the asking price. But that’s as low as we are willing to go.
    If the pictures do get through, please pardon the amateurishness of the shots. They were taken November last year so that’s pretty much what you saw early this year. May not really be convincing or presentable pictures especially to prospective buyers maybe but I can request for better ones if you so advise.
    We do hope you can help us dispose of the property. We intend to use the prooceeds to make improvements on the lot behind that property across the road. For one, we have to build a house for my mother-in-law. We’ll use the rest for business expansion here in Manila.
    Let’s meet up when you’re in Manila.

    We appreciate all your help. Will be happy to answer any question you may have.

    Best regards,

    Roger and Joy Atienza

  45. hi Roger and Joy

    thanks for your mail and info on the joy resort . any foreigner out there contemplating retirement or early retirement take a look what you are getting if you buy this residence and land plus resort .

    joy accommodation resort [ lot {land} plus buidings ] cost $ 73,000 us
    or $84,000 aussie dollars
    or 45,000 uk pounds .

    try buying ocean front land [ land alone ] in australia for this kind of money ?

    since 2002 / 2003 ocean front land in biri [ facing the bulasan and mayon volcanos ] has increased dramatically ! if you do not believe me , come here and try and buy .
    that guy who said vilma paid too much for land in 2002 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    finally if all land titles are clear [ this is most important ] and i had the cash i would snap up the ” joy resort ” quick smart .
    in 5 years time this will be a very cheap buy .

    good luck roger and joy

    regards peter montgomery

  46. Hi Dp
    Just to help Roger and Joy on the reality of the price of( ocean view beach land) on Biri. We purchased a small lot on the beach front as an extension to our resort at the end of Jan this year I bought a 10mtr x20mtr lot that I paid 550thou for with nothing on it, so in my eyes who ever purchases the Joy Beach Resort is getting a real bargain for sure, to build the seawall would cost over a million alone, that’s approximately what Ralph Adams paid for his over a year ago. So do the math and you will see it’s great deal.
    I am telling some of my friends here in Makati that the Resort is up for grabs, so I hope Roger and Joy have some interested parties viewing it on line.
    So thanks again Dp for your help toward the Island of Biri, and to whoever purchases the resort I will advertise it on my website along with all the other resorts that are based in Biri and the surrounding area of Northern Samar
    Biri Resort

  47. Hi I’m the owners relative and my last name is also Biri.

  48. Gentlemen,
    Thank you all for putting in good words for our place.
    I did forget a few more details so please bear with me.
    First, There are two more sets of toilets and baths, in separate cubicles, one inside the house on the first gloor, and another outside behind the disco/dance floor for those who have to shower and change after taking a dip in the sea. This one doubles as the CR for the bar so you won’t have to go inside each time.
    Second, most of the floor of the house, both 1st and 2nd floors, as well as the entire length of the seawall are covered in beautiful tiles all brought in from Manila. That’s one explanation for the premium we have placed on the value. Just the cost, conveyance logistics and time spent for the selection of all those tiles alone were tremendous.
    Third, and as you very well pointed out, it has the potential for a dive shop, among others. The grounds are open and flexible for such an operation. We actually designed the garden/stage area to be converted into an al fresco cafe/restaurant / entertainment venue separate from the bar/disco. The stage need only to be finished for night time entertainment. This will generate jobs for many talented people in Biri, musicians, waiters, cooks, chambermaids (depending on your plans, of course) maybe even massage therapists, manicure/ pedicure “artists” if you turn it into a spa.
    The town will come alive with the employment generated and with such services offered, then more people will want to come and stay, right? It’s going to help a lot of otherwise unemployed persons.
    Oops, the time. That’s all for now. I have to get ready for work.

    Will mail you all again soon. Thanks for the space and your responses.

    Best regards,

    Roger & Joy

  49. hey dutch,

    how are you doing mate, are you still in philippines. if you are, then I hope you are enjoying yourself.

    regards: bill

  50. Hey dp. well as u said it was an entertaining read ahahahah, Got me bantams now. come and have a look . Aquarium looking great. Back to the topic in question i hope to see the famous Biri next year mate as i heard so much about it. Maybe take melody b4 she has our addition ahahah.. BW dave

  51. hi bill
    hope ben is ok , hear there is a bad strain of flu in the philippines , maybe angeles is not the best place for him .
    vilma tells me your better half will be in biri [ palhugan ] soon , been a fair bit of rain there but she will be joining her family and thats the best thing to a filipino .
    blog writer dan the man related a good story about angeles and it goes something like this .
    eugene from california comes to angeles , meets a beautiful young thing and after a year there he decides to marry the love of his life . 2 weeks after the wedding she asks if her poor mum and sister could join them from the province , no worrys he says , after 3 months of marriage eugene has 8 of her family and relatives in his apartment . no worries he says we will rent a house . time flies when deeply in love but eugene has a slight suspicion about one of the male relatives ! sure enough , soon after the secret web cam picks up honeyco and the male relative [ not really a relative ] going at it like tiger woods with a new conquest .
    eugene is shattered and vows never again .
    a bit latter , dan the man is enjoying a beveridge at his favourite pub [ moe's ] and spots eugene arm in arm with another honey “love is in the air again”.

    to one and all at dutchpickle , have a merry christmas and a happy new year . god willing i will see you all in june , around biri fiesta time .
    best regards peter montgomery

    ps a special thanks to all visitors that ventured to biri in 2009 . the peso you spend there really helps the local biri – anons .

    ps just watching chris gayle [ west indies capt. ]hit a 101 in 70 balls at the waca [ 3rd test ]

  52. hi peter,

    hahahahahaha, your stories are so real like peter – nearly fell over laughing. funny thing pete – all the “eugenes” seem to come from the good old US of A.
    yeah mate,and as far as that “strain” in angeles goes – good reason to stick to the islands around biri.
    I guess your place will be overflowing with the relo’s and foreigners this pasko – hope they all enjoy the place.
    I miss cagnipa heaps, just the wild nature and solitude, am definitely spending a few weeks in May – will hold the first “Cagnipa Island” festa, just to amuse myself (and mates) for three days – well, it’s a thought anyway – I’ll see what I feel like doing when May comes along.

  53. just saw avatar in 3d , if you are near a 3d theatre [ probably manila or cebu ] , do not miss this one.

  54. hi bill
    see if you can postpone that may trip till june and i can have a beer with you [ althou as i remember palhugan fiesta is in may ? ].
    dan the man is real [ i have a beer with him sometimes at burleigh bears ] , he is a gold coaster who works out of china , and holidays and surfs in la union . dan writes short storys , mainly about expats and feral surfers that hang out in la union . dan has threatened to come and surf in biri but never gets past angeles .
    yes its no doubt the relatives will throw a party on my behalf and expense at villa amor . i might have to send vil back next year for christmas with her parents . i wont go as biri is too wet for me around december , january .
    i dont know if you got the news , but badger and another 2 scuba divers pulled up an old spanish anchor . the find was close to biri so there might be treasure about ?
    anyway bill to you and all your family have a merry christmas .

    cheers peter montgomery and family

    ps – we are negotiating to buy a small hotel [ 18 rooms ] in japan . its on the island of hokkaido in a town called furano . i dont have to sell any assets here so thats good .

  55. merry xmas to you and family peter, yeah, biri can be the pits around xmas time.

    you too DP enjoy the philippine xmas – i’ve missed the last two – maybe next year will be there in xmas.

  56. hi ben
    good to hear you have recovered , those virus’s can knock you about .
    ben in the late 80s i was hanging out in surigao city . there i teamed up with a filo salesman [ i was buying the beers for my new found friend and he was extolling advice about the filipina ]
    he asked me the question ” why do you foreigners go to angeles city and pick up / marry prostitutes ? with your financial advantage you guys could have the best of filipina’s ? ” .
    i dont know the answer , you would not do it in sydney , london or new york so why angeles !!!!

    you forget about fields avenue ben , go to the province and find a good girl .

    good luck in your future travels , i have never been to sapporo city , we always fly into asahikawa city , it gets pretty cold up there [ can get down to minus 25 ]. but the powder is unbeatable .

    regards peter montgomery

    ps palhugan water festival is on in a few days i think .

  57. What a fantastic website and thank you for all the information about the Biri Islands. I am having trouble finding a temperature range for the islands. Is it more cold during the “rainy season”? As a child I grew up on Guam so I am familiar with the humidity and typhoons (experienced supertyphoon Pamela). In pictures I see many people wearing pants is this for protection from the elements or because it is rather cool? My husband mentioned a few days ago we should buy a place on a remote island somewhere and I really am seriously looking in the Biri area. We would make a trip out in the next few weeks to scope it out and I have found a website on real estate which focuses on this area exclusively. I do have that contact information and the lady who owns the real estate agency, I also have her number and I was wondering if you had any comments? We are seasoned travellers, not looking for luxury, just liveable year-round temperature/climate and an attractive, remote area.

  58. Also, I forgot to mention I am trying to find a close-up map of the Biri Islands. I see that Biri does have a tourism office; any chance that anyone can forward me a detailed rendering of a close-up map of the Biri Islands? Thank you very much in advance for the information.

  59. hi gretchen
    great advice from dutchpickle , go to a place and rent for a while , see if you like the island then go further with retiring there .
    most expats on / go to biri do so because their wives / partners come from biri . for the filipina , family is most important and for our biri – anon wives , this is very important in their mind – set .

    i do not want you to not go and visit biri but i think the price of ocean front land there is a little expensive at the moment !

    if i was looking for good ocean front land in samar i would venture over to rawis and laong island . then travel onto palapag , on again to gamay and then work your way down to mapanas . bring up google earth on your computer and check out that long beach that ends just before the entry to mapanas .

    another important point or the most important point is you are a foreign couple , keep this in mind in deserted regions . that friendly fisherman might turn some what different if you are camping out on some lonely beach .

    good luck on your travels , biri fiesta is on 23 , 24 , 25 june , hoping to see you there .

    regards peter montgomery

  60. Hi!

    The family and I were in Biri last week, April 1-3 and we enjoyed it tremendously, to say the least. We stayed at Villa Amor.

    View my blog about it including sevaral photos taken during our short but memorable stay!



  61. Hi DP,

    Thanks for the kind words :)

    Re maps, I simply google maps of specific areas then using adobe photoshop, I edit it and delete/add text whenever needed. I am not aware of a specific map program which you can download, although I believe Google Earth has viewing preferences which include maps.

  62. great pics gerry , biri is my wife’s hometown . we have sent the message to all the birianons on facebook to check out your photos .

    thanks again peter montgomery

  63. thanks, peter. we might be back in biri before april ends! ;)

  64. Hi DP,

    Good to see the site picking up some chatter –

    Will be in Cagnipa Island on the first of June for a few weeks, so the resort gang is busy scrubbing the pool and preparing to put a fresh coat of paint, polish the pool ladders and generally cleaning the beach and surrounding vegetation in readiness for me and the crew.
    Wanting to have a “full moon” party for a few days, but I think there are no full moons in the first half of June – so may have to rely on the “fireflies” for extra light.
    Hey Peter – it’s a pity we not in Biri at same time – looking forward to a few san migs with you mate.
    Anyway, Dutch – hope we cross paths during my time there in Philippines in June.

  65. Great site. Never been to biri but my wifes from there. A cousin of Vilma Montgomerys. Hope to visit someday soon.

  66. thanks dp for this site! very informative! i was wondering if you might know of a nice snorkeling site near biri? a white sand beach or island perhaps? been browsing and i cant seem to come across photos of cagnipa island..i wonder if its worth going to :)

    by the way, i like how you spell habble habble. hahaha.. really funny i hope youre not offended

  67. hi there, yes it is habal habal. :) very excited to go there!

  68. Hi DP
    Just been reading the last couple posts and I am happy to say Biri Resort have now opened Biri Scuba, We now cater for divers should it be snorkeling or diving we offer serviced tours with Padi Qualified divers or just rent a kayak, All are welcome to come along to our office and discuss your needs our new website http://www.biriscuba.com will be live at the end of this week.
    There are over 15 dive sites and many more unchartered, the snorkeling is very good plus the diving is fantastic,we have full rentals and can handle as much as ten divers per day so to all DP fans your more than welcome to try us out. Have a days diving and enjoy lunch at our recently opened Reef Bar & Grill where you can relax and watch the sun sets

    Richard Ewen
    Biri Resort

  69. Hi Dp
    They have been seen many times they pass right along the coast from Matnog heading to Sorsogon and round to Donsol where you can swim with them, the dive shop is due to Ralph and Todd they convinced me to go ahead and open
    Even Badge is a better diver from it.
    I cannot thank Ralph and Todd enough and also Badge he has been a great help with the dive sites

    Richard Ewen

  70. l a cafe – last stand

    arrived manila on the 17 june 10 , thru the bags in the room , hooked up with a couple of newbies in dave and nick . ” mates i am taking you to a great bar ” . enter the la about 9 pm , have a couple of fast ones downstairs , the girls here , like myself have seen better days , come to think of it i remember a couple from the old rosies and raymonds fast food [ that will bring back a memory or two ]
    anyway up stairs we venture , pay the 100 peso entry or was it 150 peso entry ? set up a table near the head of the stairs , order 3 smb , and look around ! on one table i see about 10 shifty looking filipino guys checking us out , my mind files this away as maybe trouble !
    we order another round , nick goes next door [ pool room and restaurant ] and comes back to tell us about all the young girls there , i tell the boys not to worry as those girls are waiting for the korean package tourists .
    then all of a sudden the 10 shifty looking filipino’s turn into 10 shifty looking police , girls and mama sans start running everywhere . the boys and i decide maybe the beer is colder at g point ? it will be 3 hours before we get to taste that g point special lager .
    l a cafe is in lock down , the press are everywhere outside , i wave to the t v camera’s , dave says dont do that , i say why not , what crime have i committed except buy a couple of beers [ only a crime in saudi ] . dave is worried about his wife in oz .
    first of all the mama sans are taken away , then all the girls , then all the staff . foreigners can now leave if they have i. d. . of course our passports are in the safe deposit box . tell the police this they just say ” what are you doing here , go home ” .
    back at the g point , its business as usual for the girls .

    next day the rumours are flying around about lim ” taking a bribe of 5 mill pesos and then wanting another 1 mill pesos , owners declined the offer . lim now wants 10 mill pesos for the l a to be allowed to reopen ?
    another story doing the rounds is of an official at the us embassy , goes to the l a cafe , gets drunk , makes a count of himself , gets a flogging from the security , and complains so lim is compelled to act .

    the truth ! who knows ?

  71. ang ganda tlaga ng biri, proud ako kasi isa rin ako taga biri
    evangelista family

  72. incredibly nice post, i certainly love this internet site, maintain on it

  73. hi just trying to get some contact details for villa amour staying in biri in 8 days time and as yet no acc any help would be greatly appreciated cheers

  74. Hi,

    Reading all the information on here has helped me understand what to expect. I’ll be in biri on the 16th July, that’s in 6 days. Haven’t organized accommodation yet but I’m told I’d find a place without any problem when I arrive. Looking forward to the biri experience.

  75. Hi Joey,

    How was your trip? I’m planning to visit biri island by january. If I may ask, what hotel did you stay?


  76. Hi!

    I’m from Northern Samar and currently taking up BS Mgt in UP. We are currently making a business plan for the development of biri Island. The Plan aims not just to develop the tourism industry but to create a community-based tourism that will somehow uplift the lives of the birianons and eventually the Norte Samarnons. With this, I just want to ask some questions:

    1.) As a photography enthusiast, Which of the rock formations do you find most picturesque?
    2.) Among the rock formations, in which spots/locations will you recommend to other photography enthusiasts ?
    3.) did you stay in one the resorts or home stay?
    4.) Do you want to avail a package tour to Biri?
    5.) What will you suggest for the improvement of Biri?

    Thank you!

  77. Ricky,

    Hello how are you? Its been long time i dont here from you. Bruce mattingley is here in town in Catbalogan City i ride his big bike going to barruz matuguinao and we go caving sulpan cave there he enoy a lot.

    So when you coming back to philippines to samar?
    This april 10 its y church wedding in Biliran Island wish your here bec your one of the sponsors.

    Happy new Year Ricky extend my regards to you family. send me reply to my email trexplore@yahoo.com


  78. Dutch man,

    How you been?

    Things have changed dramatically for me in the past 6 months and there comes a point in life where every man must grow up and take responsibility.

    The silly posts regarding Angeles City and bars have come back to haunt me in a way that i never thought they would and as a result of my immaturity in my younger years, it is now affecting me and the people close to me.

    I am determined to move on with my life in a way that is positive and productive so i am kindly requesting if you could please wipe my posts on here regarding Angeles City and bars. It is now not the life i want for myself and i realize the errors of my ways especially on a website such as there where my posts had nothing to do with the topic in question. I would appreciate it greatly.



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