Buri Beach Samar

samar-beach-03.jpgBuriĀ  Beach – Samar

Buri Beach is just a short ways up the coast from Catbaogan.

The most spectacular beaches in Samar are on the east coast of the island, but Buri Beach is a great little get-a-way for those living in Catbalogan on the west side.

samar-beach-05.jpgCatbalogan is a college town and everyone is a volleyball enthusiast.

samar-beach-03.jpgIt takes about 20 minutes to get to Buri. Head north on the National Highway out of Catbalogan and turn by the airport.

It is non functional but it is a beautiful airstrip about 1.3 kilometers in length.

Continue down to a footpath and follow it to the beach.

samar-beach-04.jpgSmall huts or cabanas can be rented for around 100 pesos.

samar-beach-13.jpgKaraoke is a favorite Filipino past time. For 5 pesos you can belt out your favorite tune.

samar-beach-11.jpgTuba or home brew is a traditional drink made from the coconut palm trees. It is a Waray tradition to sit around a bucket of the stuff and pass around a single glass taking turns till it’s gone.

Tuba is not too potent but if you drink enough it will still set you on your butt.

samar-beach-10.jpgHammocks are not real common in the Philippines but they come in handy in the shade.

samar-beach-15.jpgFishermen work on their boats further up the beach.

samar-beach-14.jpgMore fishing gear.

If you stay till after dark you will have to walk back to the highway because the muti-cabs will have retired for the evening.

If you arrive by motorbike you can pay 5 pesos to leave it at the resort at the head of the trail.

Buri Beach

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