6 responses to “Calbiga Cave Samar”

  1. ..fantastic!!!…ate rhea, sana makapunta rin ako…

    nice pics ate ha!!..

  2. been in this cave 6 times during the early 1990′s before the lgu made it a tourist attraction….our local guide that time were rebel returnees…..same guys guided the italian spelunkers. According to our guide, the cave was their escape route and served as hospital. Our every visit of the cave, different chamber explored and different story created. Hope to visit this langun-gobingob cave system again….

  3. Wow. How much should I expect to spend if ever I want to do this? Thanks. More power to your site :)

  4. Mr.Ricky,

    Hi! Thank you for this post. I love to see myself in your site…hahahahahh!

    Hope to see you in next adventure exploration. Be well! LONG LIVE SPELUNKERS!

  5. This was a very good experience indeed. Missed it, hope to go back in Samar and experience more Spelunking Expeditions.

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