Dangkalan Resort

taft-samar-02.jpgDangkalan Resort – Taft, Eastern Samar

This resort the east coast of Samar has character.

There are 4 resident ostriches and a few monkeys out back. The ostriches must miss that hot dry heat that most of their brethren live in.

taft-samar-07.jpgRoom rates:
Air conditioned rooms from P1100-P1750
Non –aircon room – P750
Evelyn M. Picardal @ 09284109905 or call (02) 646-5881

taft-samar-17.jpgFun lovin’ Tacy is the manager.

She is a great salesman and you might land up spending the night even if you were just passing through and stopped for a coke.

taft-samar-08.jpgMakati Island is a short boat ride from the shore.

Surfers enjoy it in season.

taft-samar-04.jpgI wonder if these ostriches get moldy feathers because it does rain here a lot in Eastern Samar.

taft-samar-11.jpgThe entry fee to use the pool is 5 pesos.

taft-samar-13.jpgView out to sea. The beach is cleared of debris but it’s exposed to the Pacific Ocean and it gets heaps of flotsam during a storm.

It would be unwalkable if they didn’t have a staff to keep clearing it.

taft-samar-12.jpgThis picture was taken in Sept and there is very little surf at this time.

taft-samar-20.jpgHere is the upside down videoke bar. The owner of this place must be a bit eccentric and that keeps things interesting.

The Filipinos seem to like the pewee golf style decor. Its a common theme where ever you go. Tacky but cute.

taft-samar-01.jpgSee Ya…

Dangkalan Resort

Sep 7, 2008 www.dutchpickle.com

10 responses to “Dangkalan Resort”

  1. hello!! i can’t wait to see this this place…it looks
    so beautiful see you soon thanks good bless

  2. ahm!!!..Dangkalan now is much better than before (in this picture)try to visit us!!!…

  3. ahm!!!..To:who made this website,,,try to visit us again and take more good pictures…heheheheheehe..thank u

  4. Will be passing through here next month so its just another must see.

    From your comments DP seems the room for P1100 is share bathrooms, maybe a litle much unless I miss understood your comments. Still the place looks unusual and great. Maybe if the kareoke is on…well not really one of my favourite past times, listening to the locals singing. Still knowing how much they love it and how common it is one must either join in or go for a walk.

    We will be there in may so hopefully before the heavy rain starts and the beach is OK, surf would be welcome, love it.


  5. Hi I have been looking at your web site, very interesting thank you. Please can you advise on any resorts or hotels you have stayed in N.Samar. I am going there in June and would like your opinion on that area if you have been there. Regards Denis. UK

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