Gamay Samar

river in Gamay Samar

Gamay sets on this river in Northern Samar on the Pacific coast

Gamay Samar is a seaside village on a river in Northern Samar on the coast facing the Pacific Ocean.

Hotel in Gamay Samar

Gold Rich Lodging House on the river in Gamay Samar

I spend 3 days there waiting out the weather brought on by a tropical depression or low pressure system at Freddy’s Hotel the Gold Rich Lodging House

Gamay Hotel

Beautiful Gamay Hotel – Gold Rich Lodging House

This beautiful hotel seems so out of place out here in Northern Samar where there are very few facilities for the traveler but what a great place to wait out the rain!DSCN0303

Rainy weather in Samar

muddy road dutchpickle travels

Muddy road between Gamay and Arteche Northern to Western Samar

The road from Gamay to Artehce is quite a challenge during heavy rain.

dutchpickle Samar

Pacific coast in Northern Samar

The road is undergoing a complete upgrade and it will likely open up this area to development. The coast on the Pacific ocean is simply amazing.

Pacific Coast Samar Philippines

Pacific Coast Samar Philippines

Less traveled east coast of Samar – so nice!

Gamar Market

Riverside Gamay


Gamay Riverside

Gamay Samar

Along the river – never did get the name so will just call it the Gamay River.

Gamay River

Gamay River Northern Samar

Gamay River

coconut trees alongside the river

Coconut trees

Coconut trees line the river bank. DSCN0386

Copra is the major product of Northern SamarDSCN0461

Fueling up before heading to Arteche DSCN0469

Gasoline sold from Coke bottlesDSCN0390

River and Coconut treesDSCN0498

Road from Gamay to Arteche. This motorcyclist is delivering breads from these plastic bins – he could really drive and knew the way through the deep bits.DSCN0511

Welcome in ArtecheDSCN0512

People of ArtecheDSCN0528

Samar smile!

car and motorcycle wash

Road side car wash in Samar near Doloras back on the highway

Car wash

motorcycle wash

Car wash

update -Feb 2013

Gamay Hotel – actual name Gold Rich Lodging House

Alfredo Gloria Ong Jr

page from year 2009


substitute gecko

dp-logoNorthern Samar

Eastern Samar


Mar 1, 2013

4 responses to “Gamay Samar”

  1. good to see you are back in the PI,I bet alittle warmer than at the oil fields.when we were insamar last year the roads were much better between tarangdan and calbayog.rode bike to catarman and that road was in worse shape than it was a year before that,hope they will work on that alittle.

  2. good am, we are interested in a long term rental in your hotel. do you have such an availability?? if so, pls reply asap thank you! from ada

  3. Hello Mr. DP: My BF and I plan a motorcycle trip to circumnavigate Samar starting in November this year. We are trying to determine the condition of the roads. On our maps the highway goes from wide red line to black, to yellow and on the East side turns to a black dotted line. Is our plan feasible? Two people, with luggage, all the way around? Love your page………….. thanks……………..becky

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