5 responses to “Philippine Python Guimit Island”

  1. I enjoyed looking at this, so nice to see a place in the Philippines where wildlife still remains. My wife is from Negros and it has been totally cleared for sugar cane, sad really

  2. i really enjoyed looking at your site.
    im too exciting bout snakes. actually i bought a Philippine python to my friend and i enjoyed of looking and sometimes playing with it. ok thats all. thank u. take care gud luck…

  3. Hi,

    I’ve just got back from the Philippines where I visited Bohol and Cebu. The Phlippines is a great place as it is still – in general – unspoilt.

    As for pythons, yes they are non-venemous, but can still be dangerous as they have so much bacteria in their mouth. Stay away as they could strangle and even eat you, which must be a horiible death! Arrgh!

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