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cebu-ferry-013.jpgRoble Shipping - Cebu to Samar

The easiest way to get from Cebu City to Catbalogan in Samar is to take the overnight Roble Shipping ferry the “Ormoc Stars”.

I brought along a motorcycle so I got the tickets the day before from their office at the pier in Cebu to get a bill of lading and make sure that there were no problems.

The economy fare is 650 pesos per person and it cost me 750 pesos plus port fees for the bike.

Roble Shipping – youtube video of this ferry

cebu-ferry-009.jpgA processing fee of 130 pesos and a terminal fee of 50 pesos was paid at the port in Cebu.

A fee of 150 pesos plus a terminal fee of 19 pesos was paid at the pier in Catbalogan. The exchange rate for the US dollar is right at 44 pesos to the dollar so the freight costs were around 25 dollars US.

Travel in the Philippines by boat is a great way to go if you enjoy being on the water. If you take these overnight ferries you save on a nights lodging as well.

cebu-ferry-006.jpg Many of the ships used are second hand Japanese ferries that have been reconditioned. They’re not pristine but they get the job done.

The Ormoc Stars wasn’t much to look at but it is a speedy little boat and my friend was impressed with the cleanliness of the head, or cr, or toilet.

This ship has a narrow beam or width so it would probably rock back and forth in a rough sea but it was flat calm on our trip and we made good time.

cebu-ferry-001.jpgWe left Cebu City around 9pm on Thurs and got to Catbalogan around 6:30am.

It took a half hour or so to clear the port authority and then we were off.

Downtown Catbalogan is very congested with pedal powered tricycles and other vehicles so it doesn’t pay to be in a hurry. Most drivers never stop, they just time their merging so everyone stays on the move.

cebu-ferry-012.jpgIt takes a bit of getting used to and is probably not a good place to learn how to drive. It takes a surprising amount of concentration.

Roble Shipping makes one trip a week between Cebu City and Catbalogan. They leave Cebu Thursday night and return Friday night.

Samar itself is a neat place to visit but there are no facilities for mass tourism so you have to be prepared to lay a lot of the groundwork yourself.



Roble Shipping – update

Going from Catbalogan to Cebu

philippines-robl-002.jpgThe economy fare was 650 pesos but the motorbike fare was 1050 pesos. That is 300 more than it cost the other way but mu port fees were less so it evened out I guess.

This is the Roble office – open on Fridays only.

philippines-robl-007.jpgThe office doesn’t issue a bill of lading. You must obtain that from the ship’s officer.

philippines-robl-010.jpgThe Philippine Navy bases a patrol boat in Catbalogan.

philippines-robl-009.jpgThe port of Catbalogan has character. For me, it’s fun to travel by ship.

philippines-robl-006.jpgThe dock workers are a friendly lot.

philippines-robl-012.jpgI had to drive my bike up the gang plank. It was a tight squeeze getting through the companionway but I knew it would fit because I had squeezed through it before.

philippines-robl-013.jpgMy pals send me off! The one on the right is my darling.

I arrived in Cebu around 5 am on Sat morning. It is perfect because the traffic is light at that time, so I just went straight down to see my friends in Moalboal 2 hours down the trail.

Sept 2008 update

Cebu to Catbalogan using Roble Shipping

philippines-gl-004.jpgRoble used to have an office at pier 3 but there is some renovation going on there. Head to the main office two lights up the harbor road and take a left.

Passenger-only tickets can still be purchased at the pier, but a bill of lading will have to come from the office.

philippines-gl-007.jpgIf you are taking a vehicle or commercial goods you will need the bill of lading. It is required if taking personal goods purchased new (still in the carton)

ie. Tv’s, refrigerators, boxes of food etc. Port tax has to be paid. On a TV I paid around 300 pesos tax plus port tariffs.

On my last trip there were only around 20 passengers and all the bunks on the lower level were loaded with cargo.

philippines-gl-009.jpgI used my own line for lashing because we were on the southern edge of typhoon Olaf and they didn’t have any extra of their own. Roble does a fairly good job securing their cargo. Some operators don’t!

The ticket from Cebu was 650 pass economy and 750 for the bike. With taxes and paperwork fees it comes to around 1,050 pesos for the bike each way. For some reason it costs over 1050 pesos to Cebu but 750 the other way.

philippines-gl-008.jpgWhat a slippery mess this cargo of margarine would make if it broke free. They lashed it down for the journey before we left.

We ran into a little rough weather but it wasn’t too bad. It’s invigorating for me to be in rough seas.

philippines-gl-010.jpgWe missed most of the storm but there was still a good swell here in Catbalogan.

The ship leaves every Thurs night from Cebu to Catbalogan and returns The following day 8pm Fri Night.

Both trips are overnight and bunks are included with the ticket.

Roble Shipping Schedule

Check local papers for updates and changes.

Cebu to Hilongos
4:30pm except Thurs – My Ormoc Star
8:50pm daily – My Beautiful Stars

Hilongos to Cebu
11:00am daily – My Beautiful Stars
10:30pm except Thurs – My Ormoc Star

Cebu to Ormoc
10:00pm daily – My Wonderful Stars

Ormoc to Cebu
11:00am daily – My Wonderful Stars

Cebu to Catbalogan
8:00pm every Thursday – My Ormoc Stars

Catbalogan to Cebu
8:00pm every Friday – My Ormoc Stars

Cebu waterfront – tug pushing Cebu Ferry

Cebu Waterfront

Telephone Numbers listed in the May 8 2009 Freeman Newspaper

Roble Shipping Inc
43-C Escario Extn., Cebu City
Tel.# 255-3871 *  254-0583 *  232-2236 *   232-2263
Fax# 416-6117

Lite Shipping
14 G.L. Lavilles St., comer M.J. Cuenco Ave., Tinago, Cebu City
Tel.# (032)  255-1721 to 26/256-1410
Fax# (032) 255-1724/414-9990
Freight & Passage D.L. (032) 254-0383

Super Shuttle Ferry
Asian Marine Transport Corporation
38 Gorordo Avenue Cebu City
Tel.# (032) 2323150,  2310639,  3455581,  3455582,  2344121
Fax# (032) 2335733,  3455583

Aleson Shipping Lines, Inc.
117-R. Palma Street, Cebu City
Tel.# 255-5673,  255-7157,  253-1934
Fax# 255-6277

Freight:  232-7400

SuperCat Termenal, Pier 4, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Passage:  233-7000

Cebu Ferries
Text: 0918-9942421

Weesam Express
Pier 4 North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Tel.# (032) 412-9562  *  231-7737

Island Shipping Corporation
15-2 V. Sotto St., cor. McArthur Blvd., Cebu City
Tel.# (032) 422-6329/31;  460-5608;  435-2078
Fax# (032) 422-6330

Ocean Fast Ferries Inc.
Pier 1, CPA Building, Cebu City, Philippines, 6000
Tel.# 255-7560
Fax# 255-0115

Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, Inc.
M.J. Cuenco cor Osmena Blbd., Cebu City
Passage: 2546491 loc. 222 & 236; 255-7989
Cargo: 2549782., 2533271
Fax# 2557899

George & Peter Lines, Inc.
GP Bldg., Arellano Blvd., corner V. Gullas Ext., Cebu City (Pier 2)
Freight: 254-5404
Fax# 254-0679
Passage: 254-6252  * 254-5154

Cokaliong Shipping Lines, Inc.
Don Serging Osmena Avenue, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Tel.#  2327211-18
Fax#  2316825,  2316826

Carlos A. Gothong Lines, Inc.
Pier 7, Gothong Wharf, F.F. Cruz, Mandaue City
Tel.#  232-9998 loc. 103, 310  *  346-0200
Freight:  0922-8071085  *  0922-5372184
Passage: 0923-3426131  *  0922-5334509  *  0922-4019196

Sulpicio Lines, Inc.
Sulpicio Go St., Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Tel.#  232-5361 to 79

Roble Shipping

Jun 6, 2008

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    Hello allan
    You will have to contact the Roble office. This website is just a travelers information site and does not have any official connections to Roble or any other shipping company. I hope that you have success in the future!

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    Just want to know if you have service from Manila to Calbayog City Samar.
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    I really love this job site :) i mean travelers info site… LOL… just kidding. i used to do walk-ins at the ticket office everytime i travel (i do not really travel a lot) which ends me up not catching the schedule or maybe too early with the scheduled trip. I am lazy of calling the office ahead of time either. hehe. This page is really a lot of help for lazy people like me. Thanks much, dutchpickle. Looking forward for more topics on this page and more jobs offers too, kidding strike 2. :)


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  21. hello,i am looking for an agent that will help ship a container from manila to general santos,it’s a 20′ container from the USA.i live in kidapawan city,this would save me a trip to manila and many days waiting for custom clearence.thank you.

  22. thank you very much,,,
    the route you suggested looks very good,i may do the driving myself.

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  24. hi iwanna inquire of updated schedule cebu-hilongos hilongos cebu and how much is the fare..roble shipping or kinswell please..thank you

  25. roble shipping lines services last monday hilongos-cebu was delayed 4hours already, a lot of passengers were caught off-guard of the situation, some passengers have international flights 6:15pm, 7:20pm, 8:45pm 9:20pm, the sk southern leyte too has a boat trip 8pm to cagayan de oro city, mind you roble shipping lines management..trans asia give sk southern leyte 15 mins after 8pm departure time to cagayan yet ang barko wala pa maka dock sa pier unya pirting dugaya sad tawn pagpanaog sa damyo…TARONGA TAWN NG INYO SERBISYO SA KATAWHAN, naa pai mga crew nga pagka walay mga modo

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