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  1. Dear DP & Joni,

    Hi! I had a great time in Catbalogan. I was there for 10 days and I did called your cellphone DP. The person who picked up the call told me u were away working. I also found Joni’s office while I was riding my fiance’s motorbike. It was night time. Life is really simple in Catbalogan. Most people don’t speak English but I found they are really FRIENDLY.

    I will return again soon and this time I hope I get to meet u DP and Joni. I’m sorry I didn’t contact u again after that coz I was tied up with my fiance exploring on our own the town and having fun with her family and friends. Catbalogan visit was a really great experience for a city guy like me. I love it….

  2. I have here a student wanting to know more about caves in Palapag, have you any photo of the Cabariwan Cave in Palapag. If so, i will letgo Catbalogan. If not, may i know when are you going to explore the Cabariwan Cave.


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