Tricycles of Catbalogan

catbalogan tricycleTricycles of Catbalogan – 4 pesos can get you anywhere you want to go in the congested town of Catbalogan.

Hundreds of drivers keep Catbalogan humming. Parking spaces are scarce because this town is located in a crowded valley surrounded by hills so real estate is at a premium.

Street past Rolet Hotel

When I first arrived here in 2007, the fare was 3 pesos per person but the drivers were granted a one peso rate increase by the city. The drivers can clear up to 200 pesos a day after paying the 60 peso “boundary” for rental of the trike .

Catbalogan tricycle driverCatbalogan tricycle driver by the city market.

Catbalogan MarketCatbalogan Market

tricycle driverTrike driver.

tricycle driver

A tricycles driver takes a break by one of the fruit stands outside of Mercury Drug Store across from Jolibees.

view from inside the trike

View from inside a trike.

catbalogan tricycle outside Lucky99

Two tricycle drivers wait for customers outside Lucky99 department store.

mercury drugstore

Catbalogan street outside Mercury drugstore

tricycle at nightSome tricycles run at night and use oil lanterns in a bottle for a headlight.

Most of the drivers rent their tricycle from owners that might have a fleet of 20 to 30 rigs. The going rate is 60 pesos per day.

Some drivers really hustle for their pay and start early and drive ’till dark.

Others make a bit of money and then lounge in the shade during the hottest part of the day. Their income is controlled by their incentive to work but the ones that are making out the best are the fleet owners.

Tricycles of Catbalogan

Tricycles of Catbalogan

Tricycles pass by Jolibees in CatbaloganTricycles passing by Jolibees in Catbalogan

tricycle transportI spent a year here in Catbalogan and it kind of grew on me.

tricycle transportEveryone uses these tricycles to get around. They really help keeping pollution to a minimum downtown.

Mrs Pacoli

Students use tricycles to get back and forth from their boarding houses to school.

tricyclesCharitos restaurant – Catbalogan

happy kid on roofHappy kid on the roof.

future driverFuture tricycle fleet owner.

heavy trafficTraffic jam

Catbalogan tricycle traffic jamTricycles wait for the parade to pass.

trike driverTrike driver.

trike number 0383

Tricycles of Catbalogan

Nov 3, 2010

5 responses to “Tricycles of Catbalogan”

  1. DP,

    I loved that town of Catbalogan when we visited it in October 2007 after our caving trip with Johnny at Calbiga Caves…We stayed at the Rolet Hotel very nice place to stay…yes had a ride in one of those peddle powered tricycles.

    I arrive back into Manila on the 14th of November and can’t wait for my next Philippines adventure.


  2. Being a passenger in a trike was quite the experience. I miss the colours of catbalogan!

  3. Hello,
    do you know of any room for rent or apartment in catbalogan that’s affordable, preferably around 2k per month. I’d like to stay in the place more than just a vacation.

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