Water District Party

catbalogan-party-010.jpgCatbalogan Water District
Christmas Party 2008

Here Mayor Tekwa hands out prizes to the raffle winners.

catbalogan-party-015.jpgThe event was held at Tia Anita’s.

catbalogan-party-006.jpgNot much was left of the lechon baboy, a Filipino favorite!

(roast pig)

catbalogan-party-003.jpgOJT students from Samar College put on an entertaining show!

catbalogan-party-014.jpgThey did a pretty good job considering that they only practiced for 2 days and it was a complicated dance routine.

catbalogan-party-023.jpgSome of the good people from the water district.

catbalogan-party-027.jpgMore of the gang!

catbalogan-party-008.jpgWater District personal.

catbalogan-party-005.jpgNice party.

catbalogan-party-028.jpgBobby Alanzo with Cinderela.

catbalogan-party-030.jpgShorty got low low low…

catbalogan-party-025.jpgSome of the engineers.

catbalogan-party-026.jpgTime to go home!
We had a good evening.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Catbalogan Water Disrtict

Dec 18, 2008 www.dutchpickle.com

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  1. I see my good friend Naomi Longara Perez on one of the photos above. Hello Mingot. Looked like you all had a great time. I can only imagine myself savouring the lechon (in my dreams, at least). Hello to Noyne Domalaon also.


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