5 responses to “Dajon Grill and Bar General Luna Siargao”

  1. Thank you for posting Dajon restaurant, thats nice of you. hopefully this well help us….,Come back again.

  2. Hi! dutchpicle.com please plug in our newly open siargao residences an extention of dajon restaurant, you proboly saw it passing by going to cloud nine cause just right on the corner before cloud nne; it just recently finished and furnished theres now two house ready for rentals, its a studio kind of house concept has bed, kitchen, living room and lanae overlook the ocean. each house is aircondation and has hot water and the rate is very reasonable. in low season is 1500 the whole house and high season is 2500 the whole house limit 4 person occupancy. i would love to send you a picture or you can look at on facebook. under the name siargao residency. let me know how i can send you a picture.

  3. I’m learning on this facebook link, i well try to do that, thank you.

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