Canada 3

Canada part 3 – Ft Nelson to Watson Lake Bison and Bears

bison on highway

bison on highway

Beware of the many Bison that are often times on the highway. They are a hefty animal and will bring you to a screeching halt if you run into one. They are more difficult to see at night and do not seem to have any fear of cars and trucks.

highway in the mountains

Alaska Highway

Bear cub.

black bear cub

black bear cub

Black bear cub in photo above.  He climbed up a birch tree for safety. I figured the mother was nearby so did not try for a closer pic. Always be aware of the traffic situation ahead and behind if you do stop to take a picture. Don’t become a traffic hazard get well to the side and don’t stop on a blind corner. Many bison get struck every year and that will wreck your car and your day.

buffalo with calf

buffalo/bison with calf

Summit Lake and Muncho lake are both loaded with wildlife.

black bear

black bear coming out of the trees

Best to not try to feed any bears. You can get pictures easily enough without doing that. Up north it is said “The fed bear is a dead bear”. This area has a high density of bears so you can photograph the next one if necessary.

bear coming

bear coming

Once bears get trained to come to cars for food they become a public safety issue and they will be shot by the rangers.

bear by the road

bear by the road

Bear walking by the road.

warning sign

A fed bear is a dead bear

It is exciting to see these bears up close with no difficulty, but try not to train them to become aggressive when they associate people with food.

Bison on the Alaska Highway

Bison on the Alaska Highway

A small herd of Bison on the Alaska Highway at a sharp turn in the road. This could be a dangerous situation if a driver does not see them in time. I have never seem them run across the road like a moose does but just remain alert.

buffalo calf

buffalo calf

Bison or buffalo calf  ( I use either word but am not sure the correct scientific term for these guys).

buffalo in the trees

buffalo in the trees

Beautiful buffalo at the edge of the trees.

bird sitting on buffals

bird perched on buffalo’s back

It was early spring and the plants were greening up and all the wildlife was out and about. Bear eating clover type plant.

black bear eating

black bear grazing in the spring

Mountain goat

whtie mountain goat

white mountain goat

In May I was fortunate enough to see 40 bears and 82 bison, 5 caribou, 3 wolves, 3 moose, 1 mt goat, 5 mt sheep and a host of porcupines –  (many sightings in the Yukon  later are included in this total)

porkupine in tree

porcupine in tree

The porcupine has the original mohawk look. They are a slow moving animal and rely on a coat of fur that has many sharp quills to deter attackers.

Coal River

Coal River

Coal River

I stopped in Muncho Lake and at Coal River for gasoline. I like to support the smaller outfits like this because the owners will be able to share a lot of stories and history with you. This Coal River Lodge and RV park , restaurant and gasoline center is for sale. It’s located right at the river and there is a grass strip runway out back. There was even a bison on the grounds when I came through. I filled up, got a buffalo burger, a couple of hats and was on my way to Watson Lake.

Watson Lake signs

Watson Lake signs

Watson Lake sign post collection keeps growing as visitors add a sign from theie home country.

Signs at Watson Lake

Signs at Watson Lake

Watson Lake tourist attraction.

Watson Lake

Watson Lake sign collection

The famous Watson Lake signposts.

sign collection

Watson Lake sign collection

Canada road trip part 3 – animals on the Alaska Highway in British Columbia

dutchpickle logoCanada 3 – Ft Nelson to Watson Lake on the Alaska Highway

Bison Bears and the famous Watson Lake sign post

May 27, 2014

One response to “Canada 3”

  1. DP,

    Your photos are so cool just makes me want to jump on the next plane out of Sydney and go to Canada and Alaska.

    Was in Canada for only 4 days in August 1998 but didn’t step a foot out of Vancouver which is a lot like Sydney in Australia with its harbour, bridge and parks.

    I ended up sleeping the 1st night in Stanley Park as i arrived in Vancouver around 2am on the bus from Portland and Seattle and nothing was open at that time. At !st light I walked into the city center and had an early breakfast in McDonalds in the gastown area of Vancouver when it opened around 6am.

    I have always wanted to return back to the USA and Canada but never did as I was always getting side tracked going to South East Asia. But one day soon will have to make it back for sure as it was very nice country fresh and clean.

    While I was in Portland I did do a trip out to the little town of Hood River and ended up climing up to the sumit of Mt Hood with so local guys which if i can recall was over 11,000 feet high wouldn’t like to try that now as I’m not as fit and 16 years older in the legs.


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