Inside Saguaro Cactus

Saguaro cactus in ArizonaSaguaro Cactus of the Sonoran Desert

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a Saguaro looks like? These cactus have fibrous ribs that look like wood and kind of look like re-bar reinforcement in a concrete column.

The Saguaro cactus skeletons are fascinating. Most cactus seem to topple over when they die but some remain upright leaving the wood like ribs still standing, outlining  the shape of the living cactus.

Dried out Saguaro cactusSaguaro are believed to live as long as 150 – 200 years and take 75 years to grow the side arms. They can weigh 3000 to 4800 pounds when they are full of water.

Saguaro cactus ribsSaguaro cactus ribs in a dead and dried out cactus.

saguaro cactus of ArizonaSaguaro Cactus of Arizona

beautiful saguaro cactusLarge clusters of cactus thrive in the hills around Tucson.

sagauro cactus ribsThe ribs of the Saguaro are like wood and used historically for making furniture, fences, and in the roofs of local homes.

Coatimundi in Sabino canyon taken with a cell phone camera.

Sagauro cactus with armsNow days the Saguaro cactus are protected and it is no longer permitted to harvest these cactus or even cut them down to make room for new construction projects.

coatimundi in Sabino CanyonCoatimundi walking around in Sabino canyon taken with cell phone.

De GraziaStructure at the De Grazia Gallery in the Sun.

wheelbarrow with cactusWheelbarrow with prickley pear cactus.

saguaro cactus roots and ribsSaguaro cactus roots and ribs.

coatimundi walking aroundThe coatimundi looks like a cross between a small bear and a raccoon with a pointy snout.

Sagauro cactus in the desertSagauro cactus in the desert.

Sagauro SunsetSagauro sunset.

dutchpickle logoSaguaro of the Sonoran Desert

Mar 13, 2012

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  1. Love the photos. The sunset is gorgeous!

  2. Hey Buster great to see u out and about again. i bet u missin ur wheels dude. Love the pics. Keep em coming bro. We missing u over here.

  3. Mate only you can make an story out of Cactus…really like it…I never new that when they die the inside of them turns to some kind of wood you can use to make things etc!!!


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