Sendong Dumaguete Tropical Storm Washi

shipwreck dumaguete sendongTropical storm Sendong in Dumaguete Negros – also named Washi

Negros was spared the extensive devastation that Mindanao experienced when the Tropical Storm Sendong passed through the Philippines Dec 16-17 2011. There was huge loss of life in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan in northern Mindanao with the loss of nearly 1000 people so far. Likely many more victims are still buried in the mud.

Sendong Dumaguete Washi

I was in Dumaguete and took a few pictures. While the damage here was not on the same scale as in Mindanao , the people in affected areas still felt enormous pain when their homes were destroyed and swept out to sea. One woman walking through the rubble told me that one child from her neighborhood was taken by the storm – very sad.

Tropical storm Washi windsThis is the morning after the heavy rains in Dumaguete. I had waded from my Coastal Inn hotel room planning on getting a cup of coffee at Mc Donalds and was a bit surprised at the damage in town. I heard heavy rain through out the night but stayed put until the rain stopped.

Tropical Storm Sendong flooding Dumaguete NegrosThis area was not affected very much but the streets were filling with runoff from the rain. I did not have a tv that worked and the electricity was not on anyway so I was completely unaware of the huge damage in some other parts of the Philippines – especially Iligan and Cagayan de Oro. The devastation in those areas in Mindanao was enormous and there was a shortage of drinking water almost immediately. In Negros things were cleaned up rather quickly but still many people , (especially those that had been living in low lying areas and along the rivers) felt some real pain.

Sendong Washi Dumaguete debris

Sendong Debris on the waterfront in Dumaguete

Sendong Dumaguete Washi shipwreckDebris from Washi / Sendong with shipwreck in the background. I am not trying to be any authority on this Sendong or Washi tropical storm because I was just resting in my dry hotel room listening to the rain but after watching reports later of the really hard hit areas of Mindanao I can not help but to feel sadness in my heart for those that lost everything!

Debris from tropical storm Sendong Washi in DumagueteEveryone pitched in trying to salvage as much reusable materials as possible. By late afternoon most of the salvageable bits had been carted away and the tide was sweeping the rest out to sea. These Filipinos did a remarkable job of getting things sorted out in a short amount of time. Most of the debris had been cleared away by the time I left for Cebu the next day.

Sendong Washi tropical storm DumaguetePiles of wood and other stuff were placed in piles along the waterfront.

Sendong Dumaguete catching snakesSome of the kids concentrated on catching snakes in the debris and putting them in plastic bottles. I estimate I saw about two dozen snakes including one quite large and free ranging one. Someone beat it to death with a long stick. I know nothing about snakes but i suppose that it would not be good to be bitten by one.

catching snakes in SendongCatching snakes in the debris from Sendong.

kids catching snakes on the beachDumaguete waterfront – catching snakes on the beach.

Sendong Washi dutchpickle logoIt was simply amazing to watch how everyone seemed to find their niche

One of the salvers specialized in collecting coconuts.

Sendong clean up DumagueteMost of the salvageable building material was cleaned up by the afternoon of the first day.

Sendong Dumaguete clean up

Sendong tropical storm clean up.

Sendong Dumaguete clean upI think the city of Dumaguete has recovered as much as can be expected but the work in Cagayan and Iligan is still in progress. There is extreme hardship in these areas and the authorities can not  even bury all the dead.

The Philippine National Red Cross chief Gwendolyn Pang said (quote from Philippine Daily Inquirer Dec 23 2011)

“Many will never be found and we don’t know how many are really missing. No one will report them because entire families were swept away”, Pang said.

note – If you are able to help or donate to any organizations involved in providing relief to these areas it would be most appreciated by the people. Thank you- dp

Dumaguete waterfront after SendongDumaguete waterfront after Sendong clean up

Dumaguete waterfront after the clean upMost of the debris got washed away by the tide after the first day in Dumaguete.

In Mindanao many bodies were found 100 kilometers off the coast where the flooding was more severe and whole neighborhoods were washed out to sea.

Sendong dutchpickle logoSendong Tropical storm – Dumaguete

Other pictures – many fuzzy because my camera was wet.

pile of coconutsThis man was opening coconuts and handing out buko juice for those around him. If you are skilled with a bolo ( machete ) you can trim off the coconut tops and then drink the refreshing juice inside.

walking through the debris in DumagueteWalking through the debris.

Sendong debrisThe Filipino seem to have a talent to find humor in almost any situation! I even saw one of the salvers standing in the debris plucking a chicken that he had just scored floating by. People are survivors and do what must be done!

Keep in mind that these pictures were taken in Dumaguete Negros where the damage was not as sudden or extensive as in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. I just happened to be in Dumaguete – dp.

Sendong debris and shipwreckSendong debris and shipwreck.

Sendong dutchpickle logoSendong


Dec 22, 2011

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  1. DP,

    Another great story by you again mate! It was all over the TV news here in Australia last week and from what i saw of it on TV it was just like a crazy giant had ripped the place to bits.

    Alyn was telling me even over in Palawan it was a singal 2 typhoon storm and they never really get them over in Palawan very much…In fact…I’ve been coming over to Palawan since 2002 and i can not even remember one hiting Palawan in that time!

    Keep up the good work and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year while your over in the Philippines again.

    I’m plaining on being back over myself again this coming March until my birthday in May so if your still hanging around then in the Philippines we will have to catch up again for another adventure ok.

    Take care mate and take it easy while riding around on your motorbike and watch out for those bus drivers ok.


  2. Great pics & story. I use your web site for both inspiration and information. Thanks so much!

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