Whale sharks plus

Whale shark pictures – Philippines

two whalesharks in the PhilippinesWhale sharks in the Philippines – plus a few other random misc pics

whale shark with school of fishKid with boat -  Cebu

boat on water

…adds color to the blue!

dorsal fin of whale sharkDorsal fin of whale shark passing by underneath.

whale shark at the surfaceWhale shark at the surface – these sharks are non aggressive and eat plankton. They seem to be very mellow and gentle.

Dili East TimorHere is another picture to add color – I took this at the waterfront in Dili, East Timor in the year 2006. (love that flag! )

whaleshark with companyWhale shark swimming to the right…

swimming to the left…and one to the left.

fishermanFisherman on Pulau Kepa use these fish traps weighted down to hold them in place in the corals at about 5 meters.

whale shark comingWhale shark coming and going.

whaleshark goingBeautiful whale sharks.

blue jellyfishBlue jellyfish in Palawan.

whaleshark and feetWhaleshark and fisherman’s feet – Cebu

Port Barton PalawanPort Barton Palawan

dutchpickle logoWhale sharks in the Philippines



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