Atauro Express

atauro_195.jpgBoat from Dili to Atauro

The Atauro Express ferry usually makes the return trip from Dili to Atauro on Saturdays. The locals usually pay 3.00 dollars, I paid 5.00.

If you take a vehicle the return fare is 80.00. A motorbike costs 10.00 each way.

The express leaves from the port in Dili and arrive at the pier in Beloi on Atauro and return the same day.

atauro_055.jpg Some local transport boats charge 10.00 a trip and the locals often pay 3.00 dollars. They usually go every other day.

The fishermen from Atauro Island come in from the fishing grounds and unload their catch along the beach in Dili.

They will take you back on the return trip if you are inclined to visit Atauro and don’t mind a salty journey. You sit low in the water and the waves splash over if it is a little rough that day.

atauro_062.jpg They charge quite a bit more than the ferry but you have to keep in mind that their outboard motors go through quite a bit of fuel.

I landed up paying 23.00 dollars to get to Beloi with some fishermen from Akrema, a village on the north side of the island.

They were hauling back bags of rice after selling their fish on the beach.

The weather was a little choppy and the trip over took around 3 hours.

atauro_065.jpg There is an Eco Lodge just up the way from Vila and Nema’s Lodge is next to the market in Beloi.

I brought a tent along but opted to stay at Nema’s Lodge, a place with a really peaceful vibe. Barry charges 15.00 a day including food and has a wealth of local information. The snorkeling in front of their place is great.

There is a road from Vila to Pala but most people walk. You can also walk a trail over the top through Arlo to the other side of the island.

531backups_011.jpg The only drawback to walking is that it is so very hot during the middle of the day. Early morning and evening walks are the best.

There are no restaurants on Atauro but there are a few kiosk or shops.

It couldn’t hurt to take along some frozen chickens and a few flats of beer if you are going to stay for a few days.

Barry’s phone 723-6084
Nema’s Lodge

Atauro Island Ferry

Nov 25, 2006

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