Capul Island Samar

capul-samar-039Capul Island Samar

Capul is a mellow island to chill and camp out by the lighthouse on the lush green grass. The people are friendly, the pace is slow, and the view is beautiful!

On clear days you can see Mount Mayon puffing a little smoke up there in Bicol.

The people of Capul have their own Abak-non language that is not even understood by the people from nearby Samar where the local lingo is Waray.

capul-samar-005.jpgThis is the boat that gets you there from Allen in Northern Samar. It leaves at noon every day and returns the next morning at 7am.

The fare is 70 pesos and you can take along a motorbike for an additional 70 pesos. There are no jeepneys or buses on Capul that I am aware of.

capul-samar-002.jpgI am going to try to put as much information about Capul on this page as I can, so bear with me if it gets kind of boring.

Capul websites:

capul-samar-031.jpgCapul has a gorgeous coast with rock formations and a few beaches.

capul-samar-021.jpgThis is the Timon Timon formation on the southern point. The current just rages around this point. It is one of the strongest current that I have ever seen.

Take a look at the next few pictures.


capul-samar-033.jpgA narrow trail follows the coast and motorbikes with extended seats are the main for of transportation.

A ride from town to the southern end of the island goes for 100 pesos and to the northern point, where the lighthouse is, runs 200 pesos.

capul-samar-048.jpgThis beautiful setting is adjacent to the lighthouse. We were invited by Rhea of Capul Islanders to set up our tents and camp on the grass.

She is a vibrant person and a great contact if you choose to visit.

Rhea Sauro

outside the Philippines use a 63 and drop the zero

capul-samar-052.jpgThis has to be one of the coolest  place to camp in the Philippines.

capul-samar-049.jpgThe Capul lighthouse is still operational for navigation.

capul-samar-047.jpgHere’s another view of the lighthouse surrounded by palm trees.

capul-samar-061.jpgOur group, Beth and Adelfa, Joni of Trexplore, Rhea of Capul Islanders, Carla, Myra, Ryan, and a few others.

capul-samar-042.jpgStanding at the base of the lighthouse. There is a water cistern that catches water run off from a nearby roof in the compound.

The water is used for washing but we brought along drinking water.

capul-samar-063.jpgRhea would be a great contact because she can smooth out your itinerary. It is always a good idea to get local permission before camping anywhere and she knows everyone.

Rhea Sauro

capul-samar-065.jpgIf you are not camping, the Antique House is a cheap place to stay. It’s 150 pesos per person for fan room accommodations. The lodging house is just up the road from the beach where the ferry unloads it’s passengers.

Staying there saves the hassle of bringing camping gear and will provide good protection from bad weather.

capul-samar-066.jpgIt would be easy to organize habal habal motorbike trips from this central location.

capul-samar-035.jpgThis new place near Acapulco Beach is soon to be available for rent. The caretaker showed us around and it looks like a comfortable place to stay.

The only draw back that I can see is that it is pretty far from town.

capul-samar-038.jpgThis cute little guy is the resident mascot.

capul-samar-036.jpgOwen and Cecille Brown

owenbrown2 @

capul-samar-017.jpgLocal fisherman.

capul-samar-020.jpgAbak beach at the south end of Capul. You can see the Timon Timon rock formation at the end of the point if you look closely.

capul-samar-019.jpgDayuna Beach – Capul doesn’t have the beaches that Boracay has but it doesn’t get the crowds either.

capul-samar-014.jpgThe church from the Spanish days is still being used.

capul-samar-011.jpgIt looks like it was a church- fortress combo.

capul-samar-015.jpgThe Catholic Church made a lasting impression on Philippine culture.

capul-samar-016.jpgThis type of “road” is used by the motorbikes to get around. Small fishing boats usually pull right up on the beach in front of their village.

capul-samar-032.jpgLooks like this girl is riding low in the water. The waters around this island are clean and blue. You have to watch for brisk currents on the north and south points because it really rips!

capul-samar-068.jpgThis is where the ferry from Allen on Samar arrives.

capul-samar-001.jpgDuring certain times of the year the crossing can be choppy but it was flat calm when we did the trip in August of 2008.

capul-samar-044.jpgView from the lighthouse.

capul-samar-059.jpgLooking across the waters to Luzon, you can see Mount Mayon on a clear day. (It’s that perfectly shaped triangle in the middle of the picture)

capul-samar-055.jpgCapul lighthouse

capul-samar-057.jpgBeautiful sunset

Capul Island

Aug 22, 2008

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  1. thank you for a very nice pictures of my home province. i did not grow up there but my dad did. my family name is the largest clan inhibiting the island. i been there twice and those two experience is still fresh in my mind. i could still taste the fresh seafood,the smell of the air,and the taste of a native lechon. thank you.

  2. im planning to spend holy week in capul…xcited to see the place…and meet new friends.

  3. Thanks for the pictures posted, I really miss my hometown. The lighthouse reminds me of my ancestor, Dalmacio Danalo who happens to be a carpenter of the lighthouse, a Batangeno and married a Capulena. He was not able to return to his home province Batangas and stayed in the island until his death……..

  4. this s nice

  5. I have relatives in Capul Island the Cabrawasan Family, but I’ve never been there. According to my Uncle Capul Island is once a place where SEA TURTLES lay their eggs…. I hope they still do now a days…. I will visit Capul Island someday.Regards to my cousins out there Rey, Limuel and the others sorry I forgot your names see you there. Happy Easter!

  6. I’m grateful that you have posted photos and description of such a gorgeous island. I’m truly looking forward to be able to visit the island soon and hope to make it my retirement home someday.

  7. Hello,
    I am so excited to find out that there is a website that I can go to in order to gain more information about Capul island. I grew up in Bicol but have lived here in the US since 1976. Unfortunately, I have not been back home since 1988. I met 2 sisters here in Texas whose family resides on the island. They have informed me of the beauty and the serenity the island offers. I have been dreaming of the day when I can set foot on its white sandy beach. Hopefully, I will be blessed to be able to make it my home someday, so I continue to enjoy its beauty.

  8. Hello,

    I’m scheduled to go to Capul on the 28th of July. I will be staying there until the 1st of August. I will be staying there with my friends who are also going home for the town Fiesta. I’m very excited to finally see the beauty of the island.
    Thank you for the information/details you have provided me.


  9. Hi DP,

    great little island Capul is. I went there for a couple of days a short while ago – you might have guessed that by my photos in my web site – the “giant’s footprint” is awesome, same as the light house and churches. The neighbouring island of San Vicente is also a magical little island to visit, the people were so so friendly, nice beaches – a real laid back island spirit, no cares or worries about the outside world!! this is the side of philippines I wish to promote –

    Regards: Bill

  10. I’m really proud to be a Capuleño..

    Hi Dutchpickle! Nice stories about Capul. How many timeshave you been there?

    Hope to meet you someday. =)

  11. oh by the way, Rhea Sauro is my auntie.. heheheh!…

  12. i really miss Capul.. hope i’ll be there in fiesta.. huhuhu!..

  13. Oh my. Im here in Catarman, Im going out tomorrow. Im planning to go to Capul Island for an overnight stay…where can i possibly stay? the cheapest? pls if you ever read this, please text me at 09155377995

  14. i really miss the fiesta on my home town.
    lucky have a website where i can always look the
    nice picture from my home town.
    tnx poh….

  15. do u know melody esparagoza from capul?

  16. hi,

    thank u for posting the butiful scenery of my hometown….8ts rily gr8t…

  17. Hi dp, I also have to say that you have some nice pics of Capul. Above is the link to our new Guest House it is indeed one of the most beautiful places on the planet with the friendliest people you could hope to meet.

  18. Hi mga Abaknon,

    Wow guys ganda ng mga post pictures ng capul ha.
    Marami akong friend na taga ibang bansa want to go
    somewhere. What if try nila ang Capul. Pwede kaya?

  19. Hi,

    I also made an article about Capul Island – you can check it out here – capul is a beautiful place.

  20. am just curious why capul is tagged as ” island of no return.”

  21. island of no return because, well as they say, if you will get there you will never think of leaving it will forget of returning from where you came from..

    abaknons am i ryt?hihi

    anyway, i’m also an abaknon.. and i’m proud to be one..

    if you wanna know more about the paradise island, visit

    hinay kam pirme..mahalap al’law..

  22. hello 2 ol my relatives in capul…lalo na sa pamilya espinosa ja uztah nman kyu jan

  23. manda naman ng mga picture sa capul lalo na yung lighthouse..sana po ilagay nyu pa yung footmark ng haganti jan


    4rm taga
    san juan samar

  24. I was born in Mapapac 50 years ago. But I haven’t seen the Island in 40 years. I spent my 1st and second grade there. It’s my dream to come home one day to visit the relatives that I’ve never known.

  25. I am, looking for ms Noemi Catocud because her Husband was allready died she is looking for their relative any information about this matter please call me at 09193660607 i am willing to help johny Cadano from San Luis

  26. gnda tlga ng llgar nmin!!!!!!!grbe!!!

  27. Ang ganda talaga ng capul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………….
    Taga-capul ata to!!
    capulina talaga ako

  28. ganda po ng lugar ng lola ko..
    i hope someday mkapunta na aq jan..
    hehehe.never pa me nakapunta jan eh…

  29. Is there any grocery stores or anything there?… What about ATM’S and TV and Internet??

  30. hey, what a beautiful island. i grew-up in allen but i never been to capul….please post some more pics you’ll never know, i might buy some piece of land there someday. my mom is from allen….

  31. oh btw, my brother have a beach resort fronting capul and san antonio island. been there last year after 35 years since i left allen. i’m from guam though…

  32. I was great to see your photos of Capul Island and get info about how nice the place is. I’ve never been there but my dad is from there. That’s where he grew up. I used to always ask him about Capul Island and what they used to do growing up. Sadly, he passed away 10 years ago. I would love to visit Capul Island one day, see where He grew up and meet some of his relatives whom we’ve never met. Thank you for posting this! At least, I get to see his place even just the pictures. :)

  33. hi – kumusta kam dimuan , my island is always in my heart, ,, malipayon ako kay sa kulawan ko ko ey isla ko si internet,

    salamat si kaam dimuan,, miss u abak,,,

  34. Thank you guys for posting Capul in the internet. I’m proud to see my hometown in the internet. It’s really a great place.How i wish i could visit Capul this summer.

  35. Hi. I found that there is 2 villas on Capul Island that can be rent. One is own by Chris and Theresa and the other one by Owen and Cecil Brown. The beach in front of hose property are they without wave and ripes and can we swim without any danger, do we need shoes to walk into the sea? Is the sand on the beach white?Tanks for the information.


  36. Let us preserve the beauty of the island. Be an environmental friendly whoever visited the place. Thanks for posting the pictures.

  37. Thanks Dutchpickle Family & to Mr.Ricky,

    Thanks Mr.Ricky for promoting our native place. Knowing you is a great opportunity then. By the way I look up with my contact # and I notice that two numbers are double entry. It’s 0916-4151-094(Ms.Rhea Sauro #). Thanks again. Feel free to visit Capul Island….WELCOME! AND LONG LIVE TRAVELERS.

  38. hello,,,,,salamat si pag post mahalap view c capul,mz ko na gayud e capul labihan e mga pag kakan,e mga kalipayan,mga events,lalo na kun i wish na akabalik ako c patron.sana puh mag post dn kayo ng events ng mga capulinio pag fiesta.marami talaga alam c dada rhea kc mahilig dn yan sa adventure.i hope u can reply to my message.thank you so much .

  39. Magandang umaga po sa lahat ..

    ako’y nasisiyahan muli ng makita ang aming lugar dyan sa capul .. i really miss that place .. 14 years old pa ko ng huling pumunta dyan .. kya sobrang nakakatuwang makita ulit ang mga place dyan .. kahit sa picture lang .. balak din po naming umuwi dyan pagnatpos ko ang college .. 1 year nlng … makikita ko na naman ang lugar na yan ..

  40. ako nag-Elementary ako ha Capul..didto ko naeksperiensyahan an grabi ka harayo nga pagbabaktason–ha baybayon maagi ngan tinampo…

  41. ini nga island in diko makakalimtan for the rest of my life//musta na mga capulino???

  42. Hallo Ricky!
    We met you before in Dallas Inn in Puerto Princessa. We are Russians. :))
    Last 3 week we live in Capul island, because i was seek after i go to Catarman in typhoon time. Tomorrow we think to go to Letre. Are you there now?
    We want meet with you, so we can chat and have a good time together! :)
    Our number –

  43. Very nice place. I want to visit Capul this summer! =)

  44. ganda tlaga ng capul…
    pinaka d’ best s lahat…dyan yata ako pnangank at dyan rin ako lumki’t ng aral.
    kahit mlau ang skul msaya p rin kac sma-sma kming ng la2kad ptungong skwelahn hbang ngkukwentohan..jejejej………
    mga tga CAPUL…..ipagmalaki nating mga capuleño tau….mahalap al’law c kaam intiro..jejejeje..

  45. nakilala ko si fr tobi na parish priest ng capul. marami raw na hindi nakapag aaral sa capul na mga kabataan at matatanda dahil sa iba’t-ibang dahilan. gusto ko sanang makatulong sa kanila sa pamamagitan ng homeschooling program ng aming paaralan. hindi na sila kailangan pang pumasok sa paaralan araw-araw. sapat na mayroon tutulong sa kanilang pagaaral sa bahay para matutunang ang mga aralin na ipadadala sa kanila. ito ay katulad ng “distance education” mula kindergarten hanggang high school. kung mayroon interesado mag-aral at mag-volunteer na mag tutor ay mag email sa akin ( para ma-organisa natin bago kami pumunta sa darating na summer. ang programang ito ay approbado ng deped.

  46. such nice pic from my hometown. Capul is such a magnificent place to live. my fellow ABAKNONS may be away from our hometown but the memories and experiences we have their will always be treasured in our hearts. we maybe working in some cities someday but we will always ensure that we will have time to have vacations even if it means short-term visits. the happiness and experience there can’t be replaced with any material things.

  47. Hi… I’m going to come capul next summer, it looks to be so beautiful place. My dear friend from near there promised already to be tourist guide for me :)

  48. very nice place,..thanks for the photo’s..hope someday i can come at this very unusual, beautiful and simple town,..

  49. Hi, planning to visit capul island with my 2 kids (ages 10 & 11) on summer 2013. Meron daw pong biyahe na bangka coming from matnog sorsogon? Anong oras po kaya ang schedule ng alis. And yes we are planning to camp near the lighthouse. I’ll try to get in touch yong linagay mong contact person.

    gideon300 adventures

  50. sana mkpag camping din kami jan sa my mama is from capul..i hope that one of these days we can also visit , the beautiful places that we have seen in the pictures especially,the old church…….

    GOD BLESS CAPUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Regards especially to lola siring enecillo

  51. Hi sa lahat balak ko umuwi sa samar and balak ko po sana mag swimming with may family.. Madami din po bang magandang beach sa Capul kasi ilang bisis na kasi kami nag swimming sa san antonio Island para maiba naman sana pls reply po and if galing kami calbayog pano pumunta diyan ?

  52. Nag post ako noong Jan 22, 2012 sa site na ito at nilagay ko roon sa post na iyon ang pagkakilala ko kay Fr Tobi. Siya pa kaya ang Parish Priest ng Capul? Gusto ko lang sanang malaman ang email address niya o kaya ang contact numbers.

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