The Horse Races in Tasitolu

dec17_002.jpgJockeys of East Timor

The Timorese people are nuts for horse racing. The jockeys thunder around the track riding bareback on these fine looking horses.

Horse races in Dili

If you leave Dili going west on a Sunday and glance off the the left you might notice the horses racing around an oval track at Tasitolu.

There are some good looking ponies being raced bareback by some young kids from different parts of Timor.

The field is pretty well spread out by the time they reach the finish line so there is no need for a photo finish.

It is a different environment than in Oecussi where the horsemen are all wearing traditional dress and they camp out at the track.

Here in Tasitolu it seems more a wealthy man’s game but it is good fun to check it out.

I really didn’t notice any betting going on but maybe it is more of a gentleman’s wager type of thing.

The horses rest under the shade trees until they are ready to go.

It gets pretty hot by midday.The races start at 3pm. The rains start around 5 or 6pm.

Everyone is invited and there is no fee to watch. You are free to stand at the rail or sit in the spectator stands that are set up for the day.

I’m not sure how often the races are held.

dp-logohorse races

Dec 17, 2006

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