Dili Waterfront

palace_002.jpgoutrigger_028Fish market
Dili shores

The beach in Dili is always bustling with activity in the morning.

Fishermen from Atauro Island camp on the beach in front of the parliament building in Dili and sell their fish by hanging it it trees alongside the road.

It is pretty normal for buyers to hang their fish from the side view mirror or windshield wipers so the fish doesn’t stink up the car.

outrigger It is kind of a trip to see a car load of nuns stop by and bargain with the fishermen.

There have been a lot of parrot fish lately. It’s weird but they don’t seem to loose their color like some of the other fishes.

Lobsters are often available and sell for 10 to 15 dollars a kilo.

It is great to rest under the big banyon trees in the cool shade drinking coconut juice and watch these guys do business.

Dili Waterfront East TimorDili

East Timor

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